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Ultra Tec Polishing Machines

Enabling Mobile Device Forensics

labelut-50-years-emblem-45-wThe unstoppable move on communications and computing to mobile devices creates ever new challenges for digital forensics. New levels of device encryption across a range of hardware and software platforms requires new, high accuracy, high yield chip-access techniques.

Advanced Chip-Off Techniques

For the collection of hard-to-access digital evidence. ULTRA TEC provides a suite of tools for advanced chip-off, de-lidding, decapsulations and surface preparation. Using market-tested mechanical and chemical techniques, our systems enable access to board, module and component-level devices for subsequent electrical and optical analysis.

Using the non-heat polishing process to remove epoxy from a BGA chip removed from an Android cell phone. The process also includes the use of the Planar Fixture to ensure accuracy in the polishing process.

In this video, Bob demonstrates the full process of a cut out chip where the PCB is removed and the chip is polished to the point that it is “like new” for reading in a programmer/SD Adapter.

Ultrapol Basic

ULTRAPOL Basic lapping and polishing machine offers the build-quality required for high precision manual polishing. They system has an 8 inch replaceable polishing plate, faucet coolant and dual lap direction.

Product Highlights:

  • Cost-effective manual polisher.
  • Can be used with manual tools.
  • High Quality Build – long lasting.

Product Code: AP-ULTRA-BASIC


Product Highlights:

  • Great delayering results for a low cost
  • Easy to use, easy to align
  • Rugged stainless steel wear feet

Product Code: AP-ULTRA-UPF201S

Replacement Stainless Steel Wear Feet

4 Replacement Sets for the UPF201S Manual Polishing Tool

Product Code: AP-ULTRA-UTBSS


Starter Kit

This basic starter kit includes everything you’ll need to get started with advanced chip-off techniques.


  • ULTRAPOL Basic polishing machine is configured for 120 volt operation, 0-600 RMP. It includes 8″ (200MM) polishing system with high torque motor drive, speed control and solenoid controlled coolant system.
  • 1 -Manual Parallel Polish Fixture – Includes 3 parallel polishing sample mounts
  • 25 pieces of 100 micron SiC abrasive disc, 8” diameter, PSA back, wet/dry paper construction
  • 25 pieces of 45 micron SiC abrasive disc, 8” diameter, PSA back, wet/dry paper construction
  • 25 pieces of 15 micron SiC abrasive disc, 8” diameter, PSA back, Mylar back construction
  • 1 stick of high strength crystal wax, ½” square by 4” long

Product Code: AP-ULTRA-SK

Diamond Plate Kit

Recommended for more steady and precise chip removal.


  • Electro-plated 8″ Dia. Diamond Grinding Plate with PSA, 320 mesh
  • Electro-plated 8″ Dia. Diamond Grinding Plate with PSA, 1500mesh
  • Electro-plated 8″ Dia. Diamond Grinding Plate with PSA, 2000mesh
  • (2) 8″ Dia.x 0.8 mm Thick. Permanent Magnetic Sheet with PSA Backing
  • (2) 8″ Dia x 0.7mm Thick Steel Buffer Sheet
  • 4 pcs of High Quality Wax Sticks for Samples Bonding

Product Code:  AP-ULTRA-DPL

ULTRAPOL Water System

Water system that allows the machine to be self-sustainable. Allows running of the system without plumbing to the wall.


  • 320Gph Pump
  • 1 x 4 ft foot length of clear 3/4 ID X 1 OD
  • 1 X 4 Ft length of clear 3/8 ID X 1/2 OD
  • 1X plastic bucket for water and pump
  • Reducing Coupling
  • Hose Clamps
  • Plumbers Tape
  • Spray Bottle

Product code: AP-ULTRA-PUMP