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Detego Suite

Product Code: AP-DET-SUITE
Detego® is an ‘all-in one’ digital forensic suite of tools that acquires, analyses and provides court level reports from all types of digital devices including:

• Computers including Windows, Apple Mac and Linux systems
• USB devices and other removable media (such as SD cards, portable external drives, IDE and SATA drives, CD, DVD, Blue-ray, etc.)
• Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and cloud storage services

Detego® has been designed and developed alongside the requirements of Military Special Forces to meet their needs of a high capability, but being simple to use and giving instant, on-the-ground results. As a result of this, patents have been granted against its innovative features. Detego®’s solution is also used today by many Intelligence Agencies, Police Forces, and Enterprises around the world.
The Detego® suite can be used as a fully integrated system both in Field and Lab scenarios as a whole, or individual functions of the suite can be used in isolation.

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  • Operators and investigators now have a full end-to-end digital forensics capability to cover the full spectrum of digital media acquisition, exploitation and analysis.
  • Simple to use interface with minimal training overhead and no training fade.
  • Designed in line with operational scenarios in which customers are operating.
  • Streamlined workflows and automation of manually intensive digital forensic processes and operations.
  • Single set analysis lists (e.g. hash sets and watch-list value) are run once against all digital exhibits.
  • A single report is generated, which summarizes all exhibits.
  • Budget friendly with a single procurement process / cycle for all digital forensic tools with multi-year discounts available.
  • Single solution for both field and lab scenarios.
  • Seamlessly move digital case and exhibit data from Field to Lab locations.
  • Instantaneous, in-built link analysis and mapping of all digital exhibits (joins the dots and finds ‘needles in haystack’ connections among all your digital data exhibits.)