Life Raft

LifeRaft has the ability to access all major social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more) and based upon a combination of keywords, terms, location and sentiment, it will identify conversations of interest. The uniqueness of the system includes, but is not limited to, the ability to better understand the specific context and nature of posts within a social community.

LifeRaft will allow public sector and first responders to monitor and manage social media data to aid in dealing with public outbreaks, crisis management and disaster response. Its a situational awareness platform to help ensure the safety of citizens and infrastructure.

The market has competitors focusing exclusively on brand management for marketing purposes. LifeRaft greatly differs from the majority of the social intelligence & monitoring solutions in that it was designed specifically for Public Safety and allows for a very different view or themes tied to regions and locations.



What LifeRaft Offers

1. We have built this solution from the ground up. Leveraging industry experts, leading academic institutions, experienced management, industry and technical staff, we have a strong passion, desire and understanding of what the challenges are today, and more importantly, how to provide solutions to help. What that means is we are open to hearing suggestions for improving the solution or adding custom features.

2. Our marketing and sales team has direct experience and understanding of the requirements within education and Public Safety and situational awareness. We will make all efforts to work with any organization and overcome any hurdle along the sales cycle.

3. Social media will continue to evolve and so will LifeRaft. What that means is you don’t have to worry when the next social channel arrives, we will always be one step ahead and as changes happen, we will be working towards adding the features and channels as you need them.

About LifeRaft

LifeRaft is a technology company with a unique Public Safety solution that listens to all the major social media channels (and other open source data) to determine potential issues around Public Safety.

The solution is the leading tool for Public Safety organizations and schools to identify what is being said in social & online to potentially avoid outcomes such as crimes, terrorism, bullying, cyberbullying and harm to self and others.

LifeRaft’s solution has direct real time feeds to all the major social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many others. Using our own proprietary algorithms, we can help Public Safety organizations and schools instantly identify potential threats and alert stakeholders to take action when needed, proactively vs. reactively.

We have a leading sales, marketing, technical & support team, with decades of relevant & specific industry experience. The founding management team are seasoned entrepreneurs, legal experts, technologists and social media veterans.

LifeRaft solves real world problems with today’s mass adoption of social media. Our solution lessens the effects of bullying, helps prevent and solve concerning issues in today’s society and potentially, even save lives.