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Announcing the new Virtual Forensic Computing 4 (VFC4) by MD5

Regarded as the leader in the Digital Forensic Software development, MD5 has created a new version of it’s tried and tested Virtual Forensic Software suite. The launch of VFC version 4 includes some great new features, as requested by users. These enhanced features provide you with a faster, more powerful version of VFC.

Virtual Forensic Computing software is often considered an essential tool for Forensic Investigators. It allows for a seamless recreation of the virtual crime scene using the original evidence retrieved from the drive itself or a forensic copy.

MD5’s Virtual Forensic Computing software uses VMware’s Player or Workstation and Virtual Disk Development Kit, combined with image mounting tools to duplicate the subjects machine in no time.

The newly upgraded version 4 now offers Network License capabilities.

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VFC4 Software

The VFC4 software suite aids forensic investigators in performing the following tasks:

  • Boot a forensic image of a suspect’s computer,
  • Forensically Launch a suspect machine in it’s native environment.
  • Experience the “desktop” as seen by the original user.
  • Work from DD Image or Mounted E01 file.
  • Work directly from a physical, write blocked hard drive.
  • Network License capability.
  • ypass Windows user account password using at least 276 password bypass routines.
  • Point-and-click option to add in additional hardware to load external or multiple drives into an existing VM (to rebuild the suspect machine as last viewed by them).
  • Point-and-click generation of a standalone Virtual Machine for sharing with non-technical departments.
  • Rewind a subject machine back in time utilising restore point forensics.
  • Full phone and email support.
  • Support for Windows 3.1 – Windows 10.
  • Additional support for Apple Mac OSX, Linux and SunSolaris OS’s
  • Support for parsing partitions on GPT formatted disks.
  • Support for Password Bypass routines when using a GPT formatted target disk.
  • Heavy investment in R & D resulting in regular updates.
  • Password Bypass Routines Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10.
  • Larger GUI

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