Sanderson Forensics


Sanderson Forensics offers a suite of software utilities which has been written and developed in-house to provide you with the software you need for your investigations. Our investigative software is written and supported by seasoned investigators and is based on over two decades of experience in criminal and civil cases. We take pride in our reputation for providing the forensic tools that forensic investigators want.

Forensic Toolkit for SQLite

archie-150x150 The Forensic Toolkit for SQLite includes three comprehensive applications, The Forensic Browser for SQLite, SQLite Recovery and SQLite Forensic Explorer, which make recovering SQLite records from disk, image and database simpler and more intuitive. These tools are an invaluable addition to any investigators toolkit. Read more>>>

Forensic Browser for SQLite

complex-query-150x150 The Forensic Browser For SQLite is a GUI based visual database design & reporting tool that can produce user friendly forensic reports on ANY SQLite database, convert numbers to text and displaying blobs as pictures etc. Read more >>>

SQLite Recovery

main-screen-150x150 SQLite Recovery is a template based database carving tool – carve from disk or phone images as well as DB, journal and WAL files. Carve known and unknown, deleted and live databases. Read more>>>

SQLite Forensic Explorer

sqlite-main-screen-150x150 SQLite Forensic Explorer is an investigative tool designed to show every single byte of an SQLite database or WAL file along with its decoded data. This means you can look at any field in the DB/WAL file header and see what it means, or you can look at an index B-Tree page and see each structure within the page decoded. Read more>>>


recce-main-screen-150x150 Reconnoitre is a computer forensics tool designed to parse data directly from forensic images containing Volume Shadow Copies (VSC) and display the data in context within a display of the current file system. Read more>>>


webimage-150x150 Analyse Skype chat logs, contact lists, SMS messages with SkypeAlyzer a forensic tool designed to work with both the old Skype database files – found in a series of .dbb files and the newer Skype database files (main.db). Read more>>>



revengemainscreen-150x150 RevEnge is a fully featured hex viewer designed with Reverse Engineering in mind. It comes packed with features not seen in other Hex viewers such as its ability to perform on the fly decompression of ZLib compressed data, display and search for dates in multiple formats and decode SMS messages encoded in GSM PDU 7 bit ASCII. Read more>>>