SD Chip Reader Kits

SD Chip Reading Adapters for eMMC and eMCP Memory

The SD Chip Reader Kit offers digital forensic examiners an easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution for reading memory chips extracted from today’s smartphones. Inserted into an SD Card Reader, and using a forensic software, the SD Chip Readers, enable examiners to get a complete read of the chip.

SD Chip Reader Kit eMMC – 5 eMMC Test Adapters Includes:
Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-EMMC

1. eMMC30 Test Socket 11.5 X 13_0.5 with SD Adapter (compatible 153 and 169)

2. eMMC30 Test Socket 12 X 16 _0.5 with SD Adapter (compatible 153 and 169)

3. eMMC30 Test Socket 12 X 18 _0.5 with SD Adapter (compatible 153 and 169)

4. eMMC30 Test Socket 14 X 18_0.5 with SD Adapter (compatible 153 and 169)   

 5. eMMC30 Test Socket 11 X 10 _0.5 with SD Adapter (compatible 153 and 169)

 Adapters also Sold Individually 

SD Chip Reader Kit eMCP – 4 eMCP Test Adapters Includes:

Support BGA162, BGA186, BGA221 and BGA529 from Samsung, Hynix, Sandisk, Toshiba, Intel, HTC, etc.


1. eMCP Test Socket 11.5 X 13_0.5 with SD Adapter (compatible 162 and 186)
Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-eMCP-11.5×13

2. eMCP Test Socket 12 X 16_0.5 with SD Adapter (compatible 162 and 186)
Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-eMCP-12×16

3. BGA 221 Test Socket 11.5 X 13_0.5 with SD Adapter (compatible 221 – Samsung Note 4)
Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-BGA221

4. BGA 529 Test Socket 15 x 15_0.5 with SD Adapter (compatible 529)
Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-529

*Adapters can be purchased individually – please use the product codes listed above when inquiring.


Purchase all Four!
Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-EMCP

emcp test adapter

Teel Tech SD Chip Reader Complete

5 eMMC and 4 eMCP Adpaters
Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-TC

  • Includes all Eight eMMC and eMCP Test Sockets plus the BGA529 Adapter.
  • All Kits come with SandDisk MicroMate USB Adapter and Plastic Organizer Case.
  • The SD Chip Reading Adapters are Taught in the Teel Tech Chip-off Class.


Additional Adapters
  • BGA 100 USB Adapter – 14*18mm | pitch 1.0mm
    Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-BGA100
  • BGA 280 SD Adapter – 14.5*14mm | pitch:0.45mm (Chip Model: KMR21000AM-A805 KMR2M0009M-A803(Samsung Note4,Alpha)
    Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-BGA280
  • BGA 254 SD Adapter – 11.5*13mm | pitch:0.5mm
    Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-BGA254-11.5
  • BGA 254 SD Adapter – 12*15mm | pitch:0.5mm  (Chip Model: KM3H6001CM-B515  H9HP52AECMMD)
    Product Code: AP-SDCHIP-BGA254-12

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