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Digital Forensic Training

We are Canada's leading provider of Digital Forensic Training Classes. We offer JTAG, Chip-Off, ISP, Flasher Box /Bootloader, Nuix and Oxygen training classes, plus many more.

Digital Forensic &
Data Extraction Services

Providing Mobile Forensic and Data Recovery Services to Law Enforcement, Government, Corporate, Legal, and Military clients from around the world.

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Covert Forensic Imaging Device

Free your operators from carrying excess equipment. Bring collection to the front lines.

Due to the ongong pandemic, our Toronto classroom is currently closed. We will be tentatively reopening late February / early March 2021.

View our official announcement and learn more about changes to training, tools and equipment sales, and more!

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Teel Tech Canada is your one stop Computer & Mobile Forensics solution. Our Digital Forensics training provides professionals tasked with investigating mobile device and digital media with the opportunity to expand their skill set.

We provide a variety of data extraction and digital forensic services to Law Enforcement, Military, Government Agencies, Corporate and Law Offices throughout Canada, and around the world. 

We’ve been outfitting lab examiners and field operatives with the latest mobile device forensic tools, equipment, hardware and software since 2006.


Teel Tech Canada provides forensic professionals with a wide selection of the latest Digital Forensic Tools, equipment, hardware and software. Whether you’re looking for a complete JTAg workbench kit, Flasher Boxes, Chip-Off & ISP Equipment, Faraday Bags, or Compact Forensic Imaging Devices, we’ve got it


Teel Technologies is Canada’s leading provider of Digital Forensic Training Classes. We offer JTAG, Chip-Off, ISP, Flasher Box /Bootloader, and more. For your convenience, our expert digital forensic training can be found at a variety of locations throughout Canada, including our training center in Toronto.


We provide comprehensive Digital Forensic Services to Law Enforcement, Military, Government, and the private sector. Our team is led by Bob Elder, a widely-respected expert, and industry veteran. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to perform a full spectrum of digital forensic services, including eDiscovery.

Forensic Tools

Professionals Trained

Digital Forensic Courses

We Provide Digital Forensic Services & Training Worldwide

We offer our training and services to digital forensic professionals at locations around the world.
Visit one of our international sites to find a training course near you.