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Teel Tech Canada is the one-stop digital forensic solution for Law Enforcement, Military, Law Offices, Government Agencies, and Corporations throughout Canada.


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Whether you are looking to engage Teel Technologies Canada for your digital forensic examinations, learn the latest techniques and emerging trends in one of our Canadian classrooms, or outfit your lab and field operatives with the latest digital forensic tools and equipment, we can help!

Established in 2013, Teel Technologies Canada is led by industry innovator and veteran Bob Elder. Our team of examiners and instructors are all serving or retired law enforcement officers with decades of major case experience.

Our experience and knowledge provide you with relevant up-to-date advice and the skillset to confidently present and speak to the evidence in court as an Expert Witness. Our knowledge and experience are widely respected throughout the Canadian law enforcement, and forensic communities, ensuring we provide the highest level of technical expertise to our clients.

Digital Forensic Services

We are the leading Digital Forensics Service provider to Law Enforcement, the Military, Government Agencies, and Corporations across Canada. Teel Technologies Canada has forensic laboratories in Victoria and Toronto and our examiners can remotely support the rest of Canada through our secure exhibit intake process.

With the increasing use of digital devices in every aspect of our daily lives, the demand for digital forensic services is growing exponentially. Our team of industry professionals coupled with our state-of-the-art labs makes us a great solution for agencies that do not have in-house capabilities or are simply overloaded with casework.

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Mobilephone Forensics

Multimedia Forensics

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Digital Forensic Training

Hands-on training specifically designed for Law Enforcement & Forensic Professionals
The Teel Tech Canada digital forensic training curriculum has been developed by some of the industries leading examiners. Our instructors are made up of both active and retired Law Enforcement Officers who understand the legal, investigative, and technical needs required when performing an examination.

Digital forensic training for all skill and experience levels
We offer digital forensic training for Law Enforcement, Military, and Government Agencies, as well as general analysis and acquisition for examiners of all skill levels.

We provide digital forensic training that covers advanced forensics, as well as tool-specific, and platform-neutral training, providing you with skills that go beyond standard logical acquisition and analysis efforts.

Forensic Tools

Professionals Trained

Digital Forensic Courses

We Provide Digital Forensic Services & Training Worldwide

We offer our training and services to digital forensic professionals at locations around the world. Visit one of our international sites to find a training course near you

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