Vehicle Forensics: Overcoming Challenges with Advanced Acquisition Techniques

Vehicle Forensics: Overcoming Challenges with Advanced Acquisition Techniques

Webinar Overview

In this hour long session we will discover more about the advanced acquisition and decoding techniques used to recover data from vehicle infotainment systems, navigation systems, and other electronic control units.

We will explore advanced data extraction methods used by examiners when the major tools either don’t provide support, or the hardware is not in adequate condition to use standard acquisition techniques.

In this session you will discover how to deal with data from 3 different chip types: eMMC, NAND, and NOR; receive an overview of ISP/ Direct eMMC as an advanced non-destructive data extraction method; and as a last resort, the Chip-Off process, which is considered the most destructive.

This webinar will feature topics that are covered in the Teel Technologies Canada 5-Day Advanced Acquisition Vehicle Forensics Training.

About the Presenter – Frank Corkery

Sales & Forensic Services Teel Tech Canada/Europe

Frank is a digital forensics examiner and technical sales representative for Teel Technologies Canada based in Ottawa, Ontario.  He has been with Teel since 2018. His focus is on  conducting and managing digital forensic investigations following industry standard methodology for a wide range of private, public and government organizations.  Frank also works with clients to support their needs for forensics hardware, software, and services.

Investigating Mobile Phones, Smartwatches and Cloud with MOBILedit Forensic

Investigating Mobile Phones, Smartwatches and Cloud with MOBILedit Forensic

Webinar Overview

Join us as we explore the latest developments in the forensic investigation of mobile phones, smartwatches and clouds with MOBILedit Forensic. Focusing on smartwatch analyzation, this webinar will go over how smartwatches can be examined to gain additional evidence and what that can mean for your investigations.


Due to the information contained in this presentation, it is not publicly available. Please contact us at events@teeltechcanada for a viewing link.

About the Presenter – Anthony Wright

Anthony currently works throughout Europe, North America, and Oceania supporting law enforcement agencies and digital investigators with their efforts in retrieving evidence from phones, smartwatches, and clouds. Before entering the field of digital forensics, Anthony was a foreign language teacher after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Germanic Studies and Criminal Justice at Colorado State University.

Monolith Forensics  | Webinar

Monolith Forensics | Webinar

3 Strategies to Reduce the Load on Your Digital Forensics Lab

Every forensics lab has a series of workflows they need to manage that slows everything down.  We will discuss 3 major features in Monolith that are designed to ease the burden on the lab by streamlining some of these common workflows like evidence intake, case reporting, and metrics reporting.

About Matt Danner

Matt Danner is the Owner/Founder of Monolith Forensics and the lead developer of Monolith, a case and evidence management system for digital forensics.  Before working on Monolith full time, he was a DFIR professional with 10 years of experience working for organizations in both the public and private sectors.  Matt regularly offers services as a forensics expert/consultant to clients to maintain his skill set and to stay on top of forensic trends and practices.

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TALINO Forensic Workstation | Webinar

TALINO Forensic Workstation | Webinar

MARCH 31, 2022  – 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT

Join Teel Tech Canada host Frank Corkery and he discusses TALINO Forensic Workstations with Sumuri Senior Sales and Support Manager Sam Deckoff.

In this 45 minute long deep dive into the TALINO Forensic Workstation, we’ll learn more about the overall design and components used, and discover how this machine was developed for forensic investigators by forensic investigators.

This presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

About Sam Deckoff

Sam joined SUMURI in July 2018. Before that, Sam worked as a Math instructor and tutor at Delaware Tech in Dover. He has degrees in Computer Network Engineering and Information Systems Management and is a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner. He has a solid 20 years of experience in building and fixing computers, making him a strong team leader for the TALINO Division as its Senior Manager. He’s an avid gamer and is a passionate fan of fighting games, speed running, and their communities.

How RECON LAB Is Changing MacOS Analysis | Webinar

How RECON LAB Is Changing MacOS Analysis | Webinar

RECON LAB has a new look and some new updates!

 Join Teel Tech Canada hosts Frank Corkery,  Dave Burton, and SUMURI co-founder Steve Whalen as they take a look at all the new features that REOCN LAB 1.5.0 has to offer. With a new UI look and a whole host of new features, Steve will run you through how this new version of RECON LAB can change the way you do macOS analysis. 


RECON LAB is SUMURI’s newest flagship forensic suite provides:


  • the most advanced Mac analysis and reporting available
  • is the first to introduce WYSIWYG Reporting with Chronological Analysis
  • supports for over 270 Unique Timestamps
  • and offers Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Google Takeout Automated Analysis

About SUMURI Co-Founder Steve Whalen, CFCE

  • Has over 15 years of investigative experience as a trooper with the Delaware State Police.
  • First full-time Computer Forensic Examiner with the Delaware State Police – High Technology Crimes Unit.
  • Conducted examinations on thousands of different types of digital media and hundreds of investigations since 1997.
  • Recognized as a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) through the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS).
  • Regularly instructs law enforcement, government, and corporate examiners both nationally and internationally in computer forensics.
  • Recognized as a Certified Instructor in the fields of computer forensics, Anti-terrorism (cyber), law enforcement, and Internet Safety education.
  • Architect of PALADIN, RECON, CARBON software suites, and TALINO Forensic Workstations.
  • Founder and Chief Product Officer for SUMURI LLC

CYAN Forensics Webinar

CYAN Forensics Webinar


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About the Cyan Forensics Suite of Digital Forensic Tools

Within minutes, you’ll have enough evidence to confront suspects and know where to focus a full forensic examination.
Cyan Forensics is building a new generation of tools that can scan devices in minutes. As well as dramatically accelerating processing, these tools are fast enough to use for triage on-site or in the lab, helping to prioritize the analysis of devices that are known to contain contraband.

Automated scans using MD5 hashes of known illegal content, such as illegal images of children or terrorist handbooks, are a valuable tool for finding evidence quickly and minimizing the need for forensic analyst time. Such scans take many hours or even days on devices with high capacity storage or slow external interfaces.


How Law Enforcement is Accelerating ICE Investigations with Cyan Forensics

Cyan Forensics Products

Cyan Examiner

Cyan Examiner is for forensic analysts who want results fast. It replaces slow MD5 scans for known Indecent Images of Children or terrorist-related material with a tool that is 20x faster, delivering results in minutes.

It can be used from your own forensic workstation (usually through a write blocker), or directly on a target device using a USB bootable version (which mounts target drives read-only), or on a running device.

Cyan Collector

Cyan Collector allows a forensic analyst to build Contraband Filters from original material such as images, videos and document files. Contraband Filters are used in Cyan Examiner and Cyan Responder to rapidly identify if a computer or drive contains files matching the original material..

Cyan Core

Cyan Core allows Cyan Forensics’ Contraband Filter building technology to be incorporated into data centers and automated workflows. Cyan Core is designed to build Contraband Filters from national and international sized datasets, and then update those Contraband Filters when new material becomes available.

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