Investigating Mobile Phones, Smartwatches and Cloud with MOBILedit Forensic

Investigating Mobile Phones, Smartwatches and Cloud with MOBILedit Forensic

Webinar Overview

Join us as we explore the latest developments in the forensic investigation of mobile phones, smartwatches and clouds with MOBILedit Forensic. Focusing on smartwatch analyzation, this webinar will go over how smartwatches can be examined to gain additional evidence and what that can mean for your investigations.


Due to the information contained in this presentation, it is not publicly available. Please contact us at events@teeltechcanada for a viewing link.

About the Presenter – Anthony Wright

Anthony currently works throughout Europe, North America, and Oceania supporting law enforcement agencies and digital investigators with their efforts in retrieving evidence from phones, smartwatches, and clouds. Before entering the field of digital forensics, Anthony was a foreign language teacher after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Germanic Studies and Criminal Justice at Colorado State University.

Screening Digital Data at Scale for Illegal and Inappropriate Content

Screening Digital Data at Scale for Illegal and Inappropriate Content

Join us for this hour long presentation where we’ll the learn about T3K Core’s screening capabilities, and how it’s being used to accelerate investigations which involve large amounts of seized digital devices.

CORE (Content Review Engine) is a software solution that classifies and selects images and videos with the aim of finding CSAM material (Child Sexual Abuse Material). This information can reside on computers but also on network servers. CORE is part of T3K’s LEAP platform, but is also available as a standalone application with an Application Programming Interface (API) to be integrated into external solutions.

The AI image and video classifications performed by CORE can be configured for specific applications. One, for example, is designed for large databases with images, which CORE easily sorts and presents in a pallet view. Another example is an application with the largest available database of Salafist-Jihadist extremism material. URLs, documents, hashes, faces of people, etc. are compared with the dataset to be analysed using CORE.

Furthermore, by combining and developing CORE engines, new possibilities arise. An example of this is searching a database of images by simply typing in search arguments as text.

About the Presenter Simon North

Simon is Partner Manager at T3K, assisting government agencies, resellers and private businesses to get the most out of T3K’s portfolio. Having come from the Trust and Safety Team at YouTube, he is aware of the challenges that businesses and organizations face with illicit content and how to identify and classify it faster and smarter.

How to Maximize the Credibility of Your Computer Forensic Investigation with VFC

How to Maximize the Credibility of Your Computer Forensic Investigation with VFC

Discover how MD5’s forensic virtualization software VFC allows you to access device data in a secure environment without the cost of a full forensic analysis.

Safely view everything on the computer in seconds. VFC allows you to create a virtual machine in seconds, without compromising the original data. VFC removes the guesswork from virtualization and allows the investigator to concentrate on the investigation by allowing the investigator to experience the original computer environment, just like the original user.

In this presentation Tom will touch on the robust capabilities offered by VFC (Virtual Forensic Computing), including:

  • Password bypass tool and password reset tools
  • Windows live account conversion
  • Creates VMs in seconds and removes passwords in seconds
  • Stand-alone VM
  • User friendly both in investigations and portraying evidence
  • Prioritizing capability
  • Using with a write blocker
  • Complements existing forensic software
  • Triage capability
  • Evidence that can be discovered using a VM
FTK Lab & FTK Central: Solution Overview

FTK Lab & FTK Central: Solution Overview

Digital forensics units throughout the world are inundated with ever-growing caseloads and increasingly massive data sets. Exterro’s FTK Lab and FTK Central help forensics labs gain control over their caseload by enabling examiners to work cases faster and more efficiently. Our Exterro partners will show how Instead of dealing with slowdowns as you wait to get the information you need to proceed with an investigation, you control everything from a central database with varying levels of user control.

Originally presented December 14th, 2022

About the Presenter Harsh Behl

Director of Product Management, Exterro

Harsh Behl is responsible for overseeing the entire product lifecycle for the AccessData legacy, now Exterro Forensic products, including the FTK® suite of products. As the air traffic controller for product releases, Harsh talks to customers and prospects in the market about their needs and pain points and has developed an in-depth knowledge of what the market is looking for from their forensic tools. Prior to joining AccessData, now Exterro, Harsh was on the front lines working as an evidence analyst and forensic investigator, forensic consultant, and technical engineer. His hands-on experience and expertise provide a unique perspective that results in products that are easy to use, intuitive and practical.

Documenting Digital Evidence with Screenshots | ADF Webinar

Documenting Digital Evidence with Screenshots | ADF Webinar

Request a FREE 30-Day Evaluation License

The ADF Forensic Software Evaluation License is a full-featured 30-day evaluation license for qualified organizations. Your trial includes:

• ADF Digital Forensic Software (full-featured)
• Quick Reference Guide
• Access to ADF Technical Support

Join ADF Solutions presenter Rich Frawley & Teel Tech Canada host Frank Corkery as we learn more about Documenting Digital Evidence with Screenshots.

Screenshots are used to document evidence or items of relevance on mobile devices every day. In this hour long session, discover how to properly document mobile device evidence with screenshots to capture user and device-specific evidence.

Join Rich Frawley, Director of Digital Forensics Training at ADF Solutions, as he discusses the current state of acquiring data from mobile devices and how to properly document screenshots when acquiring application or device-specific data. Investigators and examiners will walk away knowing screenshot basics, when screenshots should be employed, best practices, chain of custody, and how to make sure your evidence is reliable. This is a beginner-level session good for front-line investigators, examiners, prosecutors, and anyone involved in the processing and reporting of mobile evidence.

About the Presenter Richard Frawley

Richard Frawley is the Director of Training with ADF Solutions and is responsible for all training content globally. Richard started with ADF in 2016 as a Digital Forensic Specialist and quickly took charge of creating the content to build confidence in the use of the ADF suite of tools. Richard has successfully transformed the in-person classes of old into a dynamic online and virtual experience. Richard spent 22 years in Law Enforcement as a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner and Cybercrime.


Monolith Forensics  | Webinar

Monolith Forensics | Webinar

3 Strategies to Reduce the Load on Your Digital Forensics Lab

Every forensics lab has a series of workflows they need to manage that slows everything down.  We will discuss 3 major features in Monolith that are designed to ease the burden on the lab by streamlining some of these common workflows like evidence intake, case reporting, and metrics reporting.

About Matt Danner

Matt Danner is the Owner/Founder of Monolith Forensics and the lead developer of Monolith, a case and evidence management system for digital forensics.  Before working on Monolith full time, he was a DFIR professional with 10 years of experience working for organizations in both the public and private sectors.  Matt regularly offers services as a forensics expert/consultant to clients to maintain his skill set and to stay on top of forensic trends and practices.

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