Detego Field Triage

Product Code: AP-DET-FIELD

Rapid, Accurate Digital Forensic Triage of Devices
Detego® Field Triage enables end users to quickly identify the relevance of a digital device (computers, USB sticks, memory cards, tablets, external hard drives etc.) during an investigation/operation. Detego® Field Triage provides operators with the flexibility to extract all files or target specifically selected artifacts from Windows, MAC and Linux Machines, including password locked via the Detego® Boot.

Detego® Field Triage’s colour indicator instantly flashes red when known (illegal/suspicious) files are detected, such as user defined MD5 and SHA1 hashes, for example indecent images of children, counter terror databases or organic investigation hashes. Amber for suspicious content or activity, such as encryption (Bitlocker and TruCrypt) and predefined keywords. Green if the target computer is clear of a specific search type. This streamlined process reduces investigation times, training burden and costs, allowing for evidence from the target device to be introduced earlier to a court case.


  • High configurable search profiles for complete investigative acquisition
  • Flexibility to extract all files or target specifically selected artifacts
  • Traffic light indicator (patent pending 1509436.0) for rapid identification of relevant devices
  • Real-time fly-by preview of files
  • Simple-to-use interface with lightweight USB deployment
  • Forensically sound
  • Covert functionality
  • Seamless integration with Detego® Analyse

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