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Digital Forensic Triage for the Frontline
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Digital Forensic Triage for the Frontline

SPEKTOR Kiosk is the desktop member of the SPEKTOR family – the game-changing forensic toolset that allows those in the field to rapidly preserve and automatically examine data stored on computers and mass storage devices.

It has been designed specifically for use by non-technical investigators and is trusted by law enforcement and
governments around the world.

SPEKTOR Kiosk provides another hardware option to help transform the operational velocity, quality, and efficacy of
collection and analysis in the field. It’s the perfect fit for outlying sites such as border checkpoints and evaluation areas as well as offices, evidence suites, and labs.

Product Code: AP-CCl-SPK-KIO

This purpose-built kiosk includes:

  • 1TB build
  • 10GB network card,
  • Rapid Imager
  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty
  • 1 Year Software Warranty

*ask about available upgrades to software updates and support.

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    Key Features

    Interactive touchscreen and guided workflows keep training to a minimum, letting non-technical operators pick up the workloads
    previously the preserve of specialists.

    The speed, ease, and defensibility of SPEKTOR-enabled collections lighten the load on labs and investigative teams, minimizing inefficiencies and maximizing value.

    The more thorough, faster, and forensically sound the collection and triage, the greater the chances of catching the data that will support your investigation and minimize missteps.

    • Power review – Files, user actions, shared reports. View images and multimedia, read documents and email, review chat and social media, reconstruct online activity, save reports to the network, get the forensic picture – fast.
    • Ultra-fast collections – PC, Mac, Linux & removable storage. Our unrivaled technology has SPEKTOR completing collections in minutes against live or powered-off systems and removable storage devices.
    • Integrity assured – Process driven.
      SPEKTOR enforces total control and audit of the entire process life cycle. All user and system actions are
      recorded, collected data is hashed and the user is guided through the entire process.
    • Plug and go – SSD, HDD, USB, PC, Mac
      Plugin your device and follow the guided workflow: login, device identification, collection, analysis and review, report creation. Administrative users maintain control, configuring permissions, workflow, and search criteria.
    • Rapid Imaging – USB, SATA, USB-C, Network
      Simultaneous imaging of multiple removable media devices and computers via USB, SATA, and USB-C, with the option to mage to a network location.
    • Instant search – Keywords, hash sets & more
      Store thousands of keywords and millions of hash values in multiple lists organized into categories of your choice. SPEKTOR automatically detects a number of common data formats such as valid bank cards and IMEI numbers.