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Voom Technologies designs and manufactures portable computer forensic devices and hard drive cloners with a focus on ease of use and performance.


Product Code: AP-VT-HC-3P-WOC
Image or clone from one drive to two at 6 GB/mn per drive while computing SHA256. Also wipes at 7+ GB per minute.


Product Code: AP-VT-SH-3-WOC 

Boot and operate suspect computer without altering evidence/boot drive.  Triage, field investigations or back in the lab.  Works with all operating systems and apps, DVR’s, game consoles (any computing device with a SATA or IDE hard drive


Product Code: AP-VT-DW3-G

Wipe 3 drives at a time at 7+ GB per minute.  User selectable single, multi-pass (Milspec & Navspec wiping protocols) or ATAPI secure erase.

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