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About the HardCopy 3P

Product Code: AP-VT-HC-3P-WOC

What do you hash with?
Image or clone from one drive to two at 6 GB/mn per drive while computing SHA256. Also wipes at 7+ GB per minute.



  • Image to one or two drives, while simultaneously hashing SHA256 in the hardware, at up 6 GB per minute (5.8 GB per minute if hashing MD5). The HardCopy 3P design replicates the data in the hardware during the data transfer, so adding a second destination drive will not slow you down. Imaging speed is only limited by the slowest drive connected, up to 6GB per minute.
  • Exceptionally easy to use. Many of our customers tell us they have yet to open the manual. No time consuming or expensive training required. Self-train in a few minutes.
  • Stand-alone operation:
    Dedicated hardware device – does not require a laptop or PC to image.
  • Tested and verified for the Department of Justice by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Source port write-blocked for fault free data control, always.
    Hardware write-blocking – the source port never has data written to it, we designed the hardware, including the ATA/PI (SATA/IDE) controllers – our source port is hardware write-blocked, permanently.
  • Portability:
    The HardCopy is very small and lightweight. Fits in a shirt pocket (though the laptop style power brick won’t)
  • Clone or Wipe drives larger than 2 TB. Image, Clone or wipe any SATA or IDE drive 2TB or less.

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