About the UltraBlock eSATA IDE-SATA (Read Only)

Product Code: AP-DI-W2760

The Read Only UltraBlock eSATA IDE-SATA is used to acquire data from an IDE or SATA hard drive in a forensically sound write-protected environment. The eSATA Forensic Bridge supports four different host connection options for SATA and IDE device acquisitions:

  • One eSATA Port
  • Two FireWire800 Ports
  • One FireWire400 Port
  • One USB 2.0/1.1 Port

UltraBlock eSATA IDE-SATA Write Blocker

With four different host interface options, the UltraBlock eSATA IDE-SATA establishes a new standard in write-blocker performance and host interface connectivity. No other write-blocker can match the combination of product quality, host connection flexibility, imaging performance, and overall value. The UltraBlock eSATA IDE-SATA is an eSATA/FireWire/USB to Parallel IDE / SATA Bridge Board with Forensic Write Protection. The UltraBlock eSATA IDE-SATA can be connected to your laptop or desktop using the FireWire-A (400 Mb/s), the FireWire-B (800 Mb/s), or the USB 1.X/2.0 interface. The UltraBlock IDE-SATA is provided with write protection enabled by default. By connecting a suspect drive to the UltraBlock IDE-SATA, you can be certain that no writes, modifications, or alterations can occur to the attached drive. If desired, the user can configure the device for either Read-Only or Read-Write operation through the use of internal dip switches. (An LED is provided on the case to confirm when the unit is configured in Read-Only Mode).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

PC Interface: eSATA, FireWire-A, FireWire-B, USB (1.X/2.0)
Drive Interfaces: Parallel IDE (48 Bit ATA-6 Compatible), Serial ATA
User Configurable: Read-Only or Read-Write

Versatile Operation In Write Protect mode, the UltraBlock will prevent ANY and ALL writes from reaching the attached device. It is compatible with all Windows 98se, Windows ME, Windows 2K/XP, and any O/S that supports IEEE 1394 and has a compliant card and drivers. In Read/Write mode (non-Write Protected), it can be used to attach a drive to be used for receiving images on your FireWire chain. The UltraBlock is shipped by default in a Read-Only (write blocking) configuration. However, it can be configured to enable Read-Write operation as well.

SWITCH 1 OFF = Read Only (write blocking enabled) ON = Read/Write

SWITCH 2 OFF = Unit reports errors if writes are attempted ON = Unit suppresses errors if writes are attempted

SWITCH 3 OFF = Unit reports Write-Protect (WP) status in code page ON = Unit supresses Write-Protect (WP) status in code page

SWITCH 4 Reserved


The UltraBlock Power Supply may only be used to power one UltraBlock and one Hard Drive. Do not attempt to use a single external power supply to power more than one UltraBlock and Hard Drive. This UltraBlock Kit includes the UltraBlock Device, UltraBlock Power Supply, eSATA cable, 9-pin to 9-pin FireWire-B (800) cable, USB cable, one drive power cable, one 9-6 pin Firewire adapter, one 9-4 pin Firewire adapter and IDE and SATA drive data cables.

Additional FireWire-A (400), FireWire-B (800), and USB Cables are available from Digital Intelligence as required for your application.

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