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BlackBag Technologies

About Black Bag Technologies

BlackBag Technologies develops innovative digital forensic software for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS devices.  Our solutions equip investigators to collect, triage, analyze and report on mobile and desktop systems quickly and efficiently whether they have years of experience or are new field agents. Our software is trusted by hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies worldwide,as well as leading corporations and consultants.

BlackBag Technologies Products


BlackLight provides complete support for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. BlackLight’s intuitive interface with simple categorization quickly locates items without costly training. Investigators can review device history from Microsoft Volume Shadow Copies to Apple Time Machine backups. BlackLight comes with built-in Windows Memory analysis and Windows Registry support and allows users to easily report across all the mobile and desktop evidence together. Discover data that matters and display it in one location including account information, recent documents, and applications, recycle bin, USB connections, and more.


With MacQuisition, investigators can acquire full disk forensic images or collect just specific user files. MacQuisition supports Mac OS X devices; including those with Apple’s APFS file system. Users can collect in live mode or from a protected boot environment. Choose from straight forward system data collection options, including active, current, and print-queue status and acquire data, such as email, chat, web browsing, and multimedia files in real time.


SoftBlock is a software-based forensic write-blocking tool. SoftBlock quickly identifies newly attached hardware devices and mounts the device with read-only or read-write permissions according to user preference. This forensic software is built to handle the needs of both large-scale digital forensic labs and individual forensic practitioners.