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Cyan Forensics is now CYACOMB Forensics!

About the Cyacomb Forensics Suite of Digital Forensic Tools

Within minutes, you’ll have enough evidence to confront suspects and know where to focus a full forensic examination.
CyacombForensics is building a new generation of tools that can scan devices in minutes. As well as dramatically accelerating processing, these tools are fast enough to use for triage on-site or in the lab, helping to prioritize the analysis of devices that are known to contain contraband.

Automated scans using MD5 hashes of known illegal content, such as illegal images of children or terrorist handbooks, are a valuable tool for finding evidence quickly and minimizing the need for forensic analyst time. Such scans take many hours or even days on devices with high capacity storage or slow external interfaces.


How Law Enforcement is Accelerating ICE Investigations with Cyan Forensics

Cyacomb Forensics Products

Cyacomb Examiner

Cyacomb Examiner is for forensic analysts who want results fast. It replaces slow MD5 scans for known Indecent Images of Children or terrorist-related material with a tool that is 20x faster, delivering results in minutes.

It can be used from your own forensic workstation (usually through a write blocker), or directly on a target device using a USB bootable version (which mounts target drives read-only), or on a running device.

Cyacomb Collector

Cyacomb Collector allows a forensic analyst to build Contraband Filters from original material such as images, videos, and document files. Contraband Filters are used in Cyacomb Examiner and Cyacomb Responder to rapidly identify if a computer or drive contains files matching the original material.

Cyacomb Core

Cyacomb Core allows Cyacomb Forensics’ Contraband Filter building technology to be incorporated into data centers and automated workflows. Cyacomb Core is designed to build Contraband Filters from national and international sized datasets, and then update those Contraband Filters when new material becomes available.

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