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Cyacomb Collector

Product Code: AP-CYAN-COLL
Cyacomb Collector allows a forensic analyst to build Contraband Filters from original material such as images, videos and document files.

Contraband Filters are used in Cyacomb Examiner and Cyacomb Responder to rapidly identify if a computer or drive contains files matching the original material.

Cyacomb Collector is a desktop tool that creates Contraband Filters by computing information derived from the original material.

Contraband Filters are to Cyacomb Forensics what hash sets are to an MD5/SHAx hash search. In addition to search speed, Contraband Filters have a number of advantages.

The Contraband Filter file format is inherently secure — it’s not possible to extract useful information about the contents.

Contraband Filters can be merged using Cyacomb Collector, so investigators can use up-to-date locally sourced data (e.g. from a current case) alongside larger national databases. Unlike other formats search speed does not decrease as the Contraband Filter size increases.


  • Build a Contraband Filter from your own data.
  • Quickly add newly discovered files.
  • Easily use national and local datasets in your investigations.


  • Build and merge Contraband Filters
  • Simple user interface
  • Use on Forensics PC

Evaluation options

  • Request an online demo
  • Hardware Evaluation Kit (includes ready to test hard drives, and full instructions to test using your own data)

Buying options

  • Annual license subscription with USB dongle.
  • Examiner Plus’ bundle.
  • Starter Pack with Cyacomb Examiner, Cyacomb Responder & Cyacomb Collector.
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