Cyacomb Core

Cyan Forensics is now CYACOMB Forensics!

Cyacomb Core

Product Code: AP-CYAN-CORE
Cyacomb Core allows Cyacomb Forensics’ Contraband Filter building technology to be incorporated into data centers and automated workflows.

Cyacomb Core is designed to build Contraband Filters from national and international sized datasets, and then update those Contraband Filters when new material becomes available.

Cyacomb Core offers flexible integration options and can process any size of dataset.

Contraband Filters are to Cyacomb Forensics what hash sets are to an MD5/SHAx hash search. In addition to search speed, Contraband Filters have a number of advantages.

The Contraband Filter file format is inherently secure — it’s not possible to extract useful information about the files used to build the Contraband Filter. This offers Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies a powerful method for sharing and using confidential data in frontline tools.

Unlike other formats, search speed does not decrease as the Contraband Filter size increases.


  • Add Cyacomb Forensics Contraband Filter technology to existing databases and intelligence platforms.
  • Enable rapid triage nationally and worldwide.


  • Flexible API-based architecture.

Evaluation Options

  • Desktop evaluation using Cyacomb Collector.
  • Pilot Product consultation.

Buying options

  • Enterprise licencing.
  • Contact us to discuss your use case.
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