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Large Scale Investigations & Processing

When Investigations Extend Past Your

Organization or Agency—Divide and Conquer Digital forensics involves a wide range of personnel that includes digital investigators, incident responders, the public defender’s office staff, IT, human resources, inside counsel, outside counsel and experts. Keeping everyone on the same page and maintaining data security and integrity is a difficult task. Let Exterro’s FTK Lab make it easier to use a division-of-labor approach for any size investigation. The entire solution is built with collaboration in mind. Granular user controls, a centralized database, user-friendly web-based access, and multiple-case management give you the solution you need for even the most demanding caseload.

What is FTK Lab?

uilt on FTK® technology, FTK Lab is an investigative platform that enables division of labor, centralized case management and web-based review. instead of dealing with slowdowns as you wait to get the information you need to proceed with an investigation, you control everything from a central database with varying levels of user control.

If you need more processing power to handle the massive data sets typical of a corporate or government agency environment, FTK Lab’s distributed processing support leverages a multi-hardware environment to give you more power when you need it, reducing the time it takes to get through a case.

FTK Lab in the cloud—the sky is the limit!
As data volumes continue to grow, faster processing times and more powerful engines are required. Use the power of the cloud to scale your environment and control costs by leveraging first-to-market FTK Lab forensics solutions in the cloud. Pay only for what you use with reliable cloud processing and storage—just bring your own license to the marketplace.

You work with a wide range of teams in a digital forensics investigation. Dividing and conquering lets each person have access to the shared case database using FTK Lab’s webbased interface.

Take a look at some of FTK Lab’s best features:

Role Assignment

Allows each user to access only the data relevant to their part of the investigation. The entire digital evidence database is not available to all users with this effective, granular, role-based system. Dividing the evidence creates a more efficient and secure workflow, and it means you
can bring in non-technical users without worrying about the data being compromised.

Real-Time Collaboration

Centralized architecture and one shared case database keep all parties on the same page and allow you to work through your cases at a record pace. With the web-based review system, non-technical users such as attorneys, human resources personnel and outside experts can participate in the process without delay, regardless of their location.

Ease of Use

It’s designed to be user-friendly for non-technical user access. Users can effortlessly configure and change the weighting criteria for sort after a search to reveal the most relevant results. Easily automate email notifications at more case milestones for more users, and automatically expand audit log and evidence tracking detail to improve chain-of-custody documentation. 

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    Nearly Limitless Scalability

    Some cases produce massive amounts of data too overwhelming for your existing equipment, but there’s no need to panic when you need more power. FTK Lab is designed around utilizing multiple machines and distributing the processing load across the entire server farm, not just FTK Lab is designed around utilizing multiple machines and distributing the processing load across the entire server farm, not just a single piece of hardware. In addition to speeding up data analysis, you also improve reliability by using a system with redundant processing in the event of hardware or software failure and glitches.

    Password Cracking and Recovery

    Market-leading decryption password cracking and recovery.

    Wizard-Driven Multi-Machine

    Forensic analysis with wizard-driven processing, filtering and reporting.

    Integrated and Increased Collaboration

    FTK, FTK Enterprise and E-Discovery are seamlessly integrated. And since all data is stored in one case database, you can reduce the time, cost and complexity of managing your cases.

    QView® Integration

    Enjoy the simple, intuitive and customizable, panels driven review interface of QView. Designed with the reviewer in mind, QView utilizes multi-case functionality such as tagging, searching, labeling and bookmarking across multiple cases. And, easy mobile chat application and multimedia review, along with similar face and image detection are all backed by a unified database.

    Customizable Processing

    Allows you to establish enterprise-wide processing standards, creating consistency for your investigations and reducing the possibility of missed data. FTK Lab uniquely enables distributed processing, allowing investigators to utilize additional hardware to dramatically increase their case processing and resolution speed.

    Facial & Image Recognition

    Train your system to look for specific individuals or find objects within images and then filter your results to look only at those pictures. Speed up investigations and draw connections without looking through every image or thumbnail.

    Facial & Object Detection

    Quickly locate all images of a person or object across the case without having to train the system. Also, you have the ability to upload an image from outside the case and compare it to pictures within the current case without ingesting it.

    Internet Browser and Web-Based Email Evidence

    Almost every investigation involves the analysis of Internet artifacts. Web-browsing caches store records of sites a suspect has visited, web-based emails may help to prove intent or correlate other events and instant message conversations or social media sites can contain evidence. FTK Lab groups URL search history from all browsers in one section, organized by date, time, and category (e.g., Adult, Chat, Dark Web, News, etc.)

    Portable Case

    Export your data into a portable case for offline review. No need to spend time generating reports that can only be viewed in a couple of different formats. Portable case makes your life easier with a quick export. Also, labels and bookmarks created by the reviewers are synced back to the original case.

    Support for Apple® File Systems

    As BYOD has taken over, organizations frequently need to process data from Apple devices. With FTK Lab, you can quickly parse through data from any Apple operating system up to macOS® 10.15 (Catalina).