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Griffeye Analyze is used by law enforcement around the world for processing, sorting, and analyzing large volumes of images and videos.
Griffeye’s mission is to provide the law enforcement community with, simply, the best resource for turning information into intelligence. They are a team of engineers, designers, developers, and problem-solvers who passionately believe in creating advanced technology for a safer society. Since 2015, they have been continuously developing the Griffeye platform to better serve their customers in building intelligence to solve cases.

Analyze DI Pro

Product Code: AP-GRIF-DIPRO
For individual investigators who require a powerful set of tools to get the job done. Analyze DI Pro offers advanced analytical features and capabilities, and the flexibility to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.

Although more digital files mean more potential evidence, it’s nearly impossible to review and make sense of such large quantities of material without the proper tools. The process is not only time-consuming and frustrating, but it also results in missed leads and unidentified connections.

Analyze DI Pro puts an end to that. With a wide set of advanced features and functions, investigators can finally take their investigations to the next level. The computer does the heavy lifting so you can focus on doing what you do best: assembling clues, analyzing relationships, and solving cases.


Seamless Import/Export – Import everything from CCTV to native forensic image formats and start analyzing them straightaway.

Robust Image & Video Hashing – Save valuable time and energy by pre-categorizing known data and stacking duplicates.

Group & Search Metadata – Leap ahead in your analysis by correlating metadata to open sources on the internet.

Advanced Analysis – Bring critical clues to the surface faster with analysis algorithms for filtering, sorting, and searching.

Customized Reporting – Cut down on your admin work with handy functions for detailed and fully customized reporting.

Open API – Use the third-party apps you need to crack the case thanks to the ability to add plug-ins through the API.

Griffeye Brain CSA (AI) – Automatically classify child sexual abuse content with outstanding accuracy.

Griffeye Brain Objects (AI) – Automatically label image content based on thousands of concepts.

Face Recognition – Detect and recognize faces in image and video using technology applied to mass volume and “real world” imagery.

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    Analyze CS Operations

    Product Code: AP-GRIF-CSOP
    Designed for group efforts on individual cases, Analyze CS Operations gives you and your colleagues a digital base of operations for reviewing and analyzing materials.

    Helping your team share data and solve cases
    Whether you’re working in a local, regional or special office, Analyze Collaboration Server Operations makes it possible to seamlessly share intelligence and tackle cases. Skip the grunt work and focus everyone’s efforts on what’s important thanks to a sophisticated toolkit for processing, sorting, and analyzing huge volumes of image and video files.


    Process and Analyze – With the best available image and video processing you can import everything from CCTV to native forensic image formats and start analyzing them straightaway.

    Automate and Detect Critical Clues – Material is automatically identified and tagged allowing you to prioritize. Critical clues are flagged to ensure that you always catch the details that help crack the case.

    Innovative Video Review and Analysis – The tool splits up, speeds and prioritizes video footage. Looking through vast amounts of video has never been faster and more precise.

    Identify Relationships – See the patterns clearly and identify relationships in the collected data across a wide range of analysis tools.

    Visualize and Review – Intuitive and easy-to-use from the start, Analyze CS lets you quickly and easily categorize, prioritize and review complex information to ensure high-quality results.

    Scale to Your Needs – Analyze CS has the power and capacity to rapidly and intelligently process huge volumes and deliver fast, accurate results.

    Analyze CS Enterprise

    Product Code: AP-GRIF-CSENT
    For organizations pursuing ongoing investigations, CS Enterprise provides a dynamic repository for building intelligence over time.

    A Central Repository for Building and Sharing Intelligence
    Analyze Collaboration Server Enterprise enables organizations to store and access all the relevant material they have ever collected. With the best-available image and video processing, and an intuitive user interface, investigators can quickly and easily start working with the centralized information.

    Accumulate Knowledge – Stored knowledge becomes an asset for the future and can be used by new people on their first day. It also means that knowledge remains in an organization when individuals leave.

    Manage, Organize, and Build Intelligence – The dashboard view gives an easy overview and control of the information and the collaboration. Collect insights and increase the overall intelligence of the organization.

    Scaled to Your Needs – Rapidly and intelligently process huge volumes of images and video. The information is also stored and accumulated over the longterm to deliver fast, accurate

    Share Information – Share information easily between colleagues and offices as well as across organizational and national borders. To maximize the skills, perspectives, and knowledge of everyone involved.

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