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Magnet Axiom is a complete digital investigation platform that builds on the powerful capabilities of Magnet IEF. AXIOM is about more than finding evidence. AXIOM allows you to explore the evidence in greater depth while also simplifying analysis activities by intuitively linking facts and data in a way that helps you to draw insightful conclusions. The Magnet AXIOM platform is comprised of both AXIOM Process and AXIOM Examine.
Magnet IEF is used by forensics professionals around the world to find, analyze and report on digital evidence from computers, smartphones and tablets. Automates the discovery of digital forensic evidence, so you can spend less time processing data and more time building cases. IEF is designed to work with forensics tools like EnCase, FTK, Nuix or X-ways and popular mobile forensics tools like Cellebrite’s UFED OR Micro Systemation’s XRY.
Magnet ACQUIRE is a software solution that enables digital forensic examiners to quickly and easily acquire forensic images of any iOS or Android device, hard drives, and removable media. This powerful acquisition product is available at no cost to the forensic community. Smartphone support includes: iOS and Android. PC support includes: Windows, Linux, and OS X. Magnet ACQUIRE combines an intuitive user interface with fast extractions.
Magnet IEF Frontline Designed for non-technical personnel in law enforcement, customs & border security, and parole & probation roles looking to conduct an on-scene search and preview of the Internet activity on a subject’s computer to qualify it for seizure. With MAGNET IEF Frontline, non-forensic staff are able to assist with the identification of potential sources of digital forensics evidence in situations where digital forensic staff are not present.