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Ribbon Data Exploration Tool

About Ribbon

Product Code: AP-CCL-RIBBON

View data from multiple devices and file formats, in a single viewing environment.

Wouldn’t it be advantageous to have a tool that would let you drill down into data and switch to the most beneficial view for the file format you are looking at?

Ribbon is a unique ‘Universal Data Viewer’ specifically designed to help you explore data within data, opening a variety of formats in a single integrated
environment. Whether you have a large number of devices or a single device containing a large volume of data in various file formats; exporting data embedded within data between numerous tools is a long-winded process.

For example you may be looking at a database in SQLite and see a BLOB that you need to explore:

Traditional method:

Export the data to a file to be opened in an appropriate application for viewing; repeat this procedure for each different file format and viewer; a convoluted process that takes up valuable time.

Ribbon method:

Ribbon allows you to simply reparse the blob field into a hex view; this might reveal a section of data that appears to be JSON. ribbon converts it into an
interactive tree view; avoiding the need for multiple tools. ribbon provides you with an integrated environment which ensures you always see data in its most appropriate form; providing a full audit trail, saving time and cost.
Ribbon’s wide data format support, gives you a single streamlined, auditable workflow for drilling down into data structures.

Current Support

  • Base64
  • Encode Text To Bytes
  • Entropy Calculator
  • Epoch Time
  • ESE/Jet Blue
  • Facebook Serialization*
  • Flat Buffer*
  • GZip
  • Hash
  • Hex Text
  • Hex View
  • HTML
  • Image View
  • Java Serialization Stream*

*Support sold separately as an upgrade

  • JSON
  • Plist (Binary)
  • Plist (XML/Text)
  • PM Records
  • Protocol Buffer*
  • SQLite
  • String View
  • Text Processor
  • Text View
  • URL
  • URL Encoded String
  • Windows Registry
  • XML

What ribbon gives you?

1. Opens a very wide variety of file formats, both common and obscure.
2. Any section of data opened by ribbon can be reparsed into another form, ensuring users always have the best view of the data.
3. Eliminates the need to repeatedly export data from one tool to another and switch between tools for viewing.
4. Each time data is parsed or re-parsed by ribbon it forms part of an audit chain which can be traversed back and forward.
5. ribbon is a “framework” for a modular set of viewers.
6. Viewers can export their data (reports) in meaningful ways.

How does ribbon help you?

1. One universal tool negates the need to use multiple tools; reducing costs.
2. The one tool for viewing all; increases efficiency.
3. Auditable chain of actions:
– Gives evidential integrity.
– Aids user understanding of the data.
– Aids the outcome of an investigation.
4. Modular design; allowing flexibility of use.
5. Adaptable reporting; to suit internal and customer review.