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Cryptocurrency Forensics

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Forensics

CipherTrace delivers real time cryptocurrency forensics enabling regulators, law enforcement and exchanges to track and trace the movement of money through the bitcoin economy. CipherTrace customers can identify and obtain evidence on individuals using bitcoin to either launder money or conceal fraudulent income or hide other illicit activities.

Darknet Forensics

WEB IQ Tor & Darknet Intelligence

The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds that discuss subjects and opportunities that threaten our organisation, country, city, brand or product. Until now using this open but very much unorganized set of data was hard. The DarkCloud Darknet dataset will get you instantly tapped in and deliver you the opportunity to learn, prevent, detect and investigate.

Regional Digital Intelligence


SafeCity by Web-IQ provides local government and law enforcement with the tools needed to detect criminal activity targeting your city by harvesting structured data from the Dark Net and other online forums into actionable , data driven intelligence.