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CipherTrace delivers real time cryptocurrency forensics enabling regulators, law enforcement and exchanges to track and trace the movement of money through the bitcoin economy. CipherTrace customers can identify and obtain evidence on individuals using bitcoin to either launder money or conceal fraudulent income or hide other illicit activities.

CipherTrace helps law enforcement gain insights and actionable intelligence from bitcoin transactions.
CipherTrace provides the solution to help agents and analysts identify, investigate, analyze, de-anonymize, and trace criminal activity using virtual currencies on the Internet. CipherTrace is adding new cryptocurrencies and Ethereum-based tokens to the system for tracing.

CipherTrace Helps Law Enforcement Follow Digital Money Trails for these Crimes:

  • Data Extortion
  • Ransomware
  • Malware and DDoS as a service
  • Dark Market Transactions
  • Money Laundering
  • Terrorist Financing
  • Drug and Cartel Crimes
  • Child Exploitation
  • Human Trafficking
  • Investment Scams

Sophisticated users can take advantage of live interaction with the graph database to follow the flow of funds over time and through the bitcoin ecosystem.

Augmented Crypto Currency Intelligence

Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous and transaction data is public but not useful for providing actionable evidence. This open source data alone has little context and must be augmented with additional data to draw meaningful conclusions and create strong trails of evidence.

CipherTrace has a broad view of the cryptocurrency transaction landscape and uses this to provide actionable intelligence to investigators.

Active Attribution

Identifying who is behind a transaction is complex but not impossible. A single data point is not definitive evidence. CipherTrace uses machine learning algorithms, cluster data points and integrates both open and closed-source intelligence.

CipherTrace is able to create confidence scores for attribution by aggregating and correlating a variety of indicators. CipherTrace overlays this evidence to geo-locate the source and destination of the funds.

Powerful and Easy to Use

CipherTrace offers state of the art investigation tools for technical and non-technical users. Individual users start analyzing with familiar, easy to use search form to access the underlying power of the CipherTrace data.

Compared to the other two or three solutions available in the market, CipherTrace customers love the powerful, interactive and easy-to-use investigative interface.

Real-time Bitcoin Forensics

CipherTrace works with law enforcement and the U.S. Intelligence Community to provide evidence, actionable leads, and expert witness services in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investigations. CipherTrace’s solution can be leveraged during counterintelligence investigations to track the clandestine movement of money by hostile foreign governments. The system can aggregate “wallets” to accurately detect large-scale funds transfers.

Continuous Monitoring of Suspicious Activity

Bitcoin investigations can last weeks or even months and CipherTrace can require continuous monitor suspicious people, places and transactions.

For anti money laundering, AML, and know your customer, KYC, regulation we enable bulk import of transaction data and ongoing analysis of crypto currency movements.

CipherTrace profiles hundreds of global exchanges, ATM’s, mixers, money laundering systems, known criminals to aid in assessing the risk of Crypto currency transactions.

CipherTrace provides API’s for customers that require large-scale transaction analysis and realtime analysis of crypto currency flows integrated into 3rd party systems like Maltego and IBM. These capabilities enable law enforcement agents and intelligence analysts to get their jobs done faster and more accurately.


  • Detect large-scale fraud and money laundering
  • Reduce work for analysts and researchers
  • Rapid tracking of criminals, drug traffickers, terrorists, and weapons dealers
  • Identifies subpoenable entities
  • Assigns jurisdiction and packages evidence
  • Shares cases and enables joint investigations
  • Produces report and data extracts
  • Interoperates with other 3rd party tools including IBM, Maltego, Palantir and Splunk

Active Investigative Community and Collaboration

CipherTrace has created a community of trusted investigators to assist in expanding cryptocurrency attribution and investigation. The CipherTrace system enables investigators to maintain private records, but also to deconflict investigations with others around the world. Privacy and security are assured.

About Ciphertrace

CipherTrace develops security, compliance and enforcement solutions that make cryptocurrencies, crypto tokens and enterprise private blockchains safe and secure. CipherTrace was founded in 2015 in California USA. CipherTrace operates globally and has top cryptocurrency, payments and security executives and programmers on its team. Founded by experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in 2015, CipherTrace was funded by DHS Science and Technology and DARPA to develop their cryptocurrency tracing capabilities. CipherTrace has the backing of leading Silicon Valley venture capital investors. The team has deep expertise in cyber security, payment systems, bitcoin mining and were early participants in the bitcoin community.