Blue Mill Polishing Machine

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About the Blue Mill Polishing Machine

Every lab can now produce accurate chip-offs, reproducible pre-cavitated devices – ready for testing or final decapsulation with chemicals or plasma.

Low-Speed Milling = Fast, Accurate, Repeatable Results

Flip-chip and power chip mechanical pre-decapsulation and matter subtraction are now straightforward and accurate. In digital forensics, Blue Mill provides negligible heat generation during chip-off processes, maintaining important data evidence.

BLUE MILL brings cost-effective Chip-off, bench-top decapsulation and elastomer gasket milling to the electronics community.

The packaged die or PCB is mounted on a specially designed travelling table that oscillates in the X and Y directions. It is mechanically set to the required amplitude.

Blue Mill with Illumination, independent X-Y and Machine Vision upgrades

A rotating tool, controlled in the Z-Direction, provides reproducible grinding to be carried out to a specific thickness.

Product Highlights:

  • Complete Solution – NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!
  • No programming or ‘G-Coding’ experience required
  • Great milling results for users of all experience levels
  • Built to last – heavy-duty solid steel welded cabinet – with powder coat finish
  • Cold Chip-off for Digital Forensics of NAND Flash
  • Extremely Compact Footprint
  • For the budget conscious user who needs industry-proven results.


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    Product Specifications

    • BLUE MILL Low-Speed Milling System, 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Includes Motorized X-Y table, tool spindle drive with 5-micron Z-resolution. Digital Z Gauge, Retractable Safety guard. Supplied with 3 mounting plates for package mounting and to hold standard diameter Fluor elastomer gaskets. Set of start-up milling and grinding tools, amplitude setting stand.
    • Stage Illumination (LED-based)
    • Independent X-Y Stage Control
    • Combination Tilt & Micro-adjust Stage
    • Stage Camera – Includes camera and NTSC analog out
    • Monitor – includes in-stu monitor (min 6.5 inches) and mounting arm.