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Chip-Off Starter Kit

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TeelTech Chip-Off Starter Kit
Product Code: AP-CHPSTRT4-TEEL

TeelTech Chip-Off Starter Kit + JBC Soldering Station
Product Code: Part#: AP-CHPSTRT4+JBC-TEE

Get our complete line of Chip-Readers, Adapters, and Tools for Chip-off Forensics all in one place.

Our Chip-Off Starter Kit is the only way to go if you’re looking for all of the basic tools you’ll need for Chip-Off forensics. This starter kit features many essential components, all bundled to help you save money.  We provide a variety of UP-828P adapters that are suited for a variety of smartphones and tablets, and are the exclusive distributor of UP+UP Chip Programmers in North America.

Below you’ll find an itemized list of the components included in our Teel Tech Chip-Off Starter Kit. If you have any questions about this kit, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

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    UP-828P Programmer

    This high speed UP-828P universal programmer allows forensic examiners to gather data from a large variety of flash memory. With a long list of supported adapters, the UP-828P can be used with a wide range of device memory chips.

    UP-828P Adapters

    Teel Technologies is the exclusive supplier of UP+UP Chip Equipment in all of North America.This kit includes VBGA186P, VBGA221P, VBGA529P, and SBGA152P adapters. Please note: These are subject to change due to current popular phones and/or new adapters.

    SD Chip Reader Kit

    Our SD Chip Reader and Adapters are a cost effective and easy to use. This kit includes 5 eMMC and 4 eMCP Adpaters from today’s most popular smartphones, enabling examiners to get the most complete read of the chip.

    Complete Workbench Gear

    The Teel Tech Workbench Gear Complete Kit is one of the most comprehensive  tool sets for preparing mobile devices for the Jtag and Chip-Off processes.  This includes; rework station , stereo microscope, solder tips, iPhone opening kit, and much more.

    T-862 3 in 1 Rework Station

    The T-862 Rework Station offers a three in one infrared system combined with a BGA/IRDA/IFR/SMD/SMT welder. This basic rework station is easy to use, and is ideal for micro BGA elements due to a lessened impact on circumjacent small elements.

    JBC Precision Soldering Station

    The JBC Precision Soldering Station offers a variety of unique features and is perfect for electronic applications. These state of art features include intelligent hibernation, 20 customizable parameters, USB connectivity and more.

    Part#: AP-CHPSTRT4+JBC-TEEL only