Reball Kit

For Chip Rework & Repair

 Teel Tech Canada Reball Kit

Product Code: AP-REBALL-KIT

The Teel Tech Canada Reball kit is perfect for technicians wanting to reball UFS and EMMC/EMCP chips.

This kit includes:

  • 90mm Diagonal BGA Ball Mounting Table for Chip Rework Repair
  • Martview RB-01 Reballing Stencil (Full Set for EMMC / EMCP / UFS BGA153 / 162 / 169 / 186 / 221 / 254) with Fixed Plate and Magnetic Base Holder.
  • Stainless Steel Sealing Scraper Solder Paste Tool for Phone Repair
  • 50g Low Temperature Solder Paste Flux For BGA Stencil Reballing.
  • MaAnt Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Remove Glue Blade Set
  • 2uFix Degumming Repairing Bent Blade Set for Mobile Phone Screen De-bonding / Removal

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