RT809H Programmer Set

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Product Code: AP-RT809H-PROG

1. 48-pins powerful pindrivers, no adapter required for any DIL devices
2. ISP connector for in-circuit programming
3. VGA port to read and write LCD TV-MONITORS without disassembly .
4. HDMI port to read and write LCD TV-MONITORS without disassembly .
5. Connection to PC: USB 2.0 (up to 480 Mbit/s, high speed/full speed) and 1.1 compatible interface
6. Comfortable and easy to use control program, works with all versions of MS Windows
7. Can support any flash and very easy to add new flash .
8. High programming speed.
9. Advanced and powerful software functions.

Special Order Adapters Available:

  • SOIC8
  • TSOP56
  • TSOP48
  • and more.

As these items are special order, please allow extra time for fulfillment.

Vehicle Infotainment Chip-Off Set

Product Code: AP-RT809H-VCHIP-SET
The Vehicle Infotainment Chip-Off Set includes the following items:


  • BGA100
  • BGA162 & BGA186
  • BGA221
  • BGA169 & BGA153
  • RT-BGA130-01
  • RT-BGA63-01
  • RT-BGA107-01
  • RT-BGA48-01
  • RT-BGA64-01

Flat Adapters

  • RT-BGA64-03
  • RT-BGA64-02

Limit Frames

  • 14×18
  • B14x18
  • 12×16
  • 11×10
  • B10x13
  • B10x15

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    SOIC8 Kit

    Product Code: AP-RT809H-SOIC8

    This kit inlcudes a SOIC8 SOP8 Clip DIP8 and straight clip.

    Vehicle Infotainment ISP Adapter Set

    Product Code: AP-RT809H-VISP-SET

    Original Customized EMMC ISP board +ISP cable for RT809H ISP Programmer EMMC fly line online reading and writing EMMC adapter.

    Set includes  ISP Adapter For RT809H EMMC ISP Adapter Universal Programmer High Programming Speed-Clip ISP Adapter Emmc Isp Board

    Smart TV Adapter

    Product Code: AP-TVADAPTER

    VGA to HDMI Programmer Cable