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T862D++ Rework Station

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4 in 1 Digital Infrared System

110V Model Product Code: AP-T862D-110v

220V Model Product Code: AP-T862D-220V

The T862D++ is a basic rework and reflow soldering station that is compatible with CGBA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA, BGA and all green epoxy chip level classes for welding and repair. The T862D++ has been designed for easy use in the field and is compatible with a variety of communications devices using BGA chip-off equipment. This rework station is ideal for laptops, desktop computers, switches, various gaming consoles, motherboards, and other communication devices.

  • Infrared heat lamp. Heat is easy to pierce and distribute evenly
  • IRDA Welder T-862 can unsolder all the elements between 05 and 20mm.
  • 650W hot-melt system .Its preheating area is 80x120mm.
  • Infrared heating without heated air flowing.
  • No impact on circumjacent small elements. Ideal for Micro BGA elements.
  • Easy operation

The Rework Station can be easily  affixed to a PCB board, effectively preventing the deformation of the PCB board adding more functionality. The top heating head can be adjusted by rotating the handle, and setting a fixed height. The innovative design is an effective solution to common infrared rework station vulnerabilities that effect air flow and temperature control.

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