The UP-828P Series High Speed Universal Programmer for Forensic Use enables examiners the ability to acquire the data from a variety of flash memory, including:

  • MoviNAND
  • iNAND
  • eMMC
  • eMCP

The UP-828P Programmer offers a growing number of adapters, supporting a growing number of mobile device memory chips. Comes with the VBGA169P Socket Adapter.


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North America’s Only UP+UP Supplier

Teel Technologies is the only supplier of genuine UP+UP Chip Programmers and Equipment in North America. Equipment purchased from other suppliers is likely purchased on the black market and could very well be fake. Teel Technologies provides the complete line of UP+UP Adapters. Please feel free to contact us with your particular requirements, and we will be happy to provide the right adapter for your needs.


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    Suggested UP828 Adapters

    Teel Tech Canada is now offering specialized adapter bundles for Vehicle Forensics. Click here to view available bundle options


    Product Code: AP-UP-SBGA153P


    Product Code: AP-UPP-VBGA162P
    Supports some MOVINAND / iNAND / EMMC memory found on the newer smartphones and tables


    Part#: AP-UP-VBGA169P
    Supports some MOVINAND / iNAND / EMMC memory found on the newer BlackBerry 9000 series devices and Android phones


    Product Code: AP-UPP-VBGA186P
    Supports EMMC memory found on newer smartphones and tablets


    Product Code: AP-UPP-VBGA221P
    Supports Samsung-Note 4


    Part#: AP-UP-VBGA529P


    Part#: AP-UP-SBGA137NP


    Part#: AP-UPP-SBGA152P
    For BlackBerry Devices


    Product Code: AP-UPP-SBGA199P
    Supports some of the NAND memory chips found on the early 9000 BlackBerrys and other phones (0.65mm)


    Product Code: AP-UPP-FBGA137P
    Supports chips found in burner phones


    Product Code: AP-UPP-FBGA167P
    Supports some of the NAND memory chips found in feature and older smartphones


    Part#: AP-UP-TSOP48

    Other available adapters include:

    • BGA48P
    • BGA63NP
    • BGA67NP
    • BGA64P
    • BGA69P
    • BGA72P
    • BGA73P
    • BGA85P
    • BGA88P
    • BGA103P
    • BGA105P
    • BGA107P
    • BGA107NP
    • BGA107RP
    • BGA149P
    • BGA254P
    • EBGA24P
    • EBGA64AP
    • EBGA64P
    • FBGA119P
    • LGA52P
    • SBGA128P
    • SBGA137RP
    • SBGA188P
    • SBGA202AP
    • SBGA225P
    • SOIC8P
    • SOIC8SP
    • TSOP32P
    • TSOP48AP
    • TSOP56P
    • TSOP56BP
    • UBGA56P
    • VBGA133P
    • VBGA134SP
    • VBGA162NP
    • VBGA162P
    • VBGA168P
    • VBGA318P
    • VBGA40P
    • VBGA56P
    • VBGA64P
    • WSON8P
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