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Large Duffle Bag

Product code: AP-EDEC-FBDB
Price: $259.00 USD

Extra-Large Duffle Bag

Product Code: AP-EDEC-FBXLDB
Price: $600.00 USD

The Black Hole Faraday Duffel Bag is an essential tool for forensic examiners collecting or transporting multiple devices. It offers the ability to protect multiple devices and ensures that cell phones, tablets, laptops and GPS units are securely shielded from nearby cell towers, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks.  Devices can be stored loosely in the duffel bag, or contained within individual Faraday bags.

When you purchase a Black Hole Faraday Duffel Bag, you can rest assured that your digital evidence is safe from remote hacking and intrusion. These bags are fabricated from ISOTech faraday fabric,  which offers the highest RF signal attenuation available on the market.

  • Forensics evidence collection & transport
  • Military grab-and-go operations, SSE
  • Federal agents’ devices, protect from hacking and tracking
  • Operatives & Agents Overseas
  • Intelligence operations & agents
  • EOD post-blast forensics, IED transport
  • Private Forensics Labs
  • Business executives concerned with corporate and personal security

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