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Multi-Port USB Chargers

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Multi-Port USB Charging Solutions

Keeping your device powered can be a necessity when performing your digital forensic investigation. Our multi-port USB chargers allow investigators to power multiple seized devices and are the perfect addition to our secure evidence storage cellphone lockers.

We offer 20 and 40 multi-port standard options but
these can be customized to suit the following number of ports:

  • 20 ports
  • 40 ports

Use our Request A Quote form to inquire about our customized options. 


20 Port USB Charger

Product Code: AP-HD-20USB

Product Specifications

Power: 120W
Port Qty: 20 ports
Output voltage: DC 5V
Output current: 2A
Dimensions: 195*115*65 mm

40 Port USB Charger

Product Code: AP-HD-40USB

Product Specifications

Power: 300W
Port Qty: 40 ports
Output voltage: DC 5V
Output current: 2A
Dimensions: 225*130*80 mm

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    Perfect for use with our Cellphone Lockers

    Cell phone lockers combined with our multiport USB chargers are the ideal secure evidence storage solution for your digital forensic lab. To learn more about our standard or customized cellphone locker options please click on the link below.