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Product Code: AP-ATF 

Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF Box) is a highly professional and time-saving solution for Nokia and Windows cell phones.  The ATF Box comes with JTAG Activation credits.


  • Supports new loaders for SL3 phones:
    • New RAPUYAMA loaders with new protocol (2010 loaders)
    • Dead USB flashing (for new loader models also)
  • Super fast Nokia flashing
    • Nokia E52 full flash via Fbus (49 sec)
    • Nokia X3 full flash (29 sec)
    • Nokia 6500c full flash via Fbus (28 sec)
    • Nokia 6700c (48 sec)/Nokia 6120c (52 sec) full flash


  • SL1, SL2, SL3 Super dongle key repair
  • SL1, SL2 SIMlock data repair


  • SL1, SL2 SIM lock remove via codes
  • New Rapido SL3 SIMlock remove. The following versions are supported:
    • 5800d (RM-356) – v31.0.008 – v30.0.011 – v31.0.101
    • 6790s – 1c (RM-492)
    • 6790s – 1b(RM-599)
    • E63 (RM-437) – v400.21.013
    • E71 (RM-346) – v400.21.013
    • N96 (RM-247) – v30.033 – v30.101
  • Simlock RPL unlock/re-lock

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