PCBite Kit

with 2x SP100 100MHz and 4x SP10 handsfree probes

PCBite Kit with 2x SP100 100MHz and 4x SP10 handsfree probes

Product Code: AP-PCBITE-KIT

This ultimate kit includes everything you need for hands-free measurements with your multimeter, logic analyzer and oscilloscope. The new insulation cover is also included for safe measurement when powering up your PCBs.

This Kit Includes

2x SP100 – 100 Mhz handsfree oscilloscope probes
1x PCBite kit with 4x PCBite probes and test wires
1x Insulation cover

PCBite holds your circuit board during soldering, inspection and testing. At the bottom of each holder is a strong magnet perfectly balanced in strength. A low friction bottom cap protects the magnet and makes the PCBite holder easy to slide. The “jaw” can open wide and a spring ensures a really strong locking force. One side of the baseplate is matte and the other mirror polished. The mirror polished surface makes it easy to see components on the circuit board underside.

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