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Disklabs Laboratory Box

As we all know, mobile phones have become a significant source of evidential data within criminal investigations. Digital forensic analysts are continually finding they must operate primary forensic tools for longer periods of time as device capacity increases. This is where the Disklabs Laboratory Boxes come into play. A laboratory box offers a significantly larger RF shielded enclosure that can accommodate multiple phones, tablets, or a laptop, drone, or gaming device, all while preventing remote hacking & attacks.

Available Products

Laboratory Box Large (LB2)

Price: $340.00 USD

Product Code: AP-DL-LB2

W 32.5 cm x L 37 cm x H 14cm

The LB2 is a Faraday Laboratory Box specifically designed for those who handle mobile devices for forensic acquisition. The box features an integrated pair of RF-shielded gloves to allow forensic analysts to unbag devices in a shielded area.

Laboratory Box Large (LB4)

Price: $535.00 USD

Product Code: AP-DL-LB4

W 50 cm x L 45 cm x H 32cm

Secure and isolate technology from radio signals and ensures digital equipment cannot connect to a signal source – preventing hacking or data or evidence wiping during longer investigations.

The LB4 is a Desktop Faraday enclosure, designed to enable digital forensic analysts and technicians to attach investigation tools and equipment to a target device within a RF shielded environment for longer term operation.

  • Facilitating digital forensic investigations.
  • Isolating equipment within EMC test facilities.
  • Preventing devices being hacked or located.
  • Prevents remote data attacks

Laboratory Box Large (LB4) with filtered USB 3.0 port

Price: $1560.00 USD

Product Code: AP-DL-LB4-USB

W 50 cm x L 45 cm x H 32cm

The LB4-USB RF shielded faraday enclosure has a number of benefits over the current incumbents in the marketplace which include:

  • A significantly larger RF shielded enclosure that can accommodate multiple phones, tablets or a laptop.
  • A large viewable area, enabling process review and verification.
  • A pair of tailored faraday gloves, designed to facilitate ease of equipment operation.
  • A fast USB3.0 RF shielded port with two-way data and power transfer.
  • A light and stable structure, making it easy to use.
  • A portable faraday unit that is quick to assemble or pack away.
  • A truly affordable alternative at a 1/4 of the cost of metal enclosures.

We believe that having a larger desktop RF shielded enclosure with 3.0 USB throughput is a credible and affordable alternative to current market solutions.

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