RAMSEY STE3000F2 Isolation Box

Ramsey STE3000F2 Isolation Box

Product Code: AP-STE3000F2
Price: $2,395.00 USD

The STE3000F2 was designed to give the forensics technician the equivalent of a highly isolated screen room right on his bench to perform electronic device interrogations. The term “cell phone” has long been replaced with “smartphone” and with that, hands-on access and control of the device became essential. The smartphone is now a communications command console that incorporates email, text and SMS messages, document storage, picture, image, and media storage, notepad, journal, and a host of other functions and services. And each of those services has a history that is critical to access during a device interrogation.

Once the device is inside the STE3000F2, you can view it through the LED illuminated RF tight window. You then have hands-on access to the device through our silver mesh RF tight gloves. Whether you need to open a device, swipe it, turn it on, touch screen icons, change pages… whatever you need to do, you can do, just as though the phone was in your own hands. After all, it is! This also allows you to connect power, chargers, and USB data communications to the device for connection to your interrogation hardware and software… all while the device is maintaining isolation from the carrier’s network regardless of the carrier or the frequency bands in use by them. The device is also fully isolated from WiFi signal sources, including both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz, and therefore covering any combination of 802.11a/b/g/n/ac protocols. Just like our other forensics RF Test Enclosures, once secured from outside signals, the device is protected from remote kill commands, remote lock commands, remote self-destruct commands, as well as being protected from GPS and location tracking.


USB 2.0 Port Option

Product Code: AP-STEUSB2071
Price:$349.00 USD

IPEVO V4K Camera

Product Code: AP-CAM-IPEVO-V4K
Price: $126.35 USD

Digital 10G POE Ethernet Interface

Product Code: AP-STEETHD10G
Price: $849.00 USD
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Product Code: AP-STEGBE4591
Price: $595.00 USD
*The STEGBE4591 is compatible with GrayKey
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Ramsey Bundle

Product Code: AP-STE3000F2-BUNDLE
Price: $$2,870.35 USD

Bundle Includes:

  • Ramsey STE3000F2 Isolation Box
  • Additional USB 2.0 Port
  • IPEVO V4K Camera

Prices in USD – Conversion to CDN funds at the time of quote/purchase.

About the Ramsey STE3000F2

  • The patented industry standard for forensics visual and hands-on interrogations.
  • Provides maximum isolation from all UMTS mobile device bands.
  • Provides maximum isolation from WiFi signal sources including 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Features the latest GEN-2 custom RF gasket system.
  • Features the latest GEN-2 custom RF absorbent and reflective foam liner.
  • Large RF shielded viewing window for visual real-time confirmation of device displays and functions.
  • Dual RF shielded silver mesh tactile gloves for hands-on access to devices.
  • Built-in internal LED illumination.
  • Built-in RF filtered AC power strip.
  • High speed USB2.0 data interface.
  • Forensics tamper-proof hardware and dual pad-lockable latches prohibit unauthorized access and maintain the chain of custody.
  • Universal removable I/O panel customization for your specific applications.



  • Designed for lab and bench visual forensics interrogations
  • Patented design
  • RF tight hands-on access to your device
  • RF tight illuminated viewing of your device
  • 1/2″ GEN-2 high-efficiency RF foam liner
  • GEN-2 high-efficiency RF gaskets
  • Exclusive double lip RF seal
  • Universal removable I/O panel
  • Connectors
  • RF isolated 6-outlet 110VAC power strip
  • RF isolated 6-pole feed-through terminal block
  • RF isolated USB2.0 high-speed interface



  • Exterior: 12.8″H x 18.0″W x 12.0″D
  • Interior: 8.0″H x 17.0″W x 10.5″D
  • Weight: 25lbs. / 11.34kg.
  • Isolation
    -90dB @ 918MHz
    -90dB @ 2.4GHz
    -80dB @ 5.8GHz

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