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ForensIQ One Case Investigation Software

ForensIQ One provides the one platform focusing solely on digital investigations. The platform is built to help investigators simplify and streamline their work in finding the truth. It can be used by any type of criminal investigation containing digital evidence. Being scalable, it fits both individual users and a whole team. That team can be local, regional or even national to be able to process cases. With modular and open thinking, users are allowed to write own modules.

Digital Forensic Analytics Simplified

The reality for investigators today is constant pressure to solve the crimes as fast as possible. That in combination with a constantly increasing amount of data to be investigated. One plus one does not always add up to two.

With ForensIQ One’s “Case Investigator” the user will, in a stand-alone solution, be able to simplify and streamline their work. Instead of manual labour of comparing spreadsheets or finding links between people involved in an investigation. The work can now be automized by using the “Case Investigator”.

Case Wizard

Investigate people, not devices. Create the cases by starting with the entities in your investigation, populate with the data from their devices.

Case Notes

Keep the evidence and your notes in one place. Have control over your notes and findings, easy to present.

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    Quick and easy overview of your media files. Easy filtering that helps you find what you are looking for.


    People use multiple ways to communicate, that is how we all do it today. With the conversation view you can get calls, emails and messages in one view.

    Multiple sources

    Gather data from multiple sources and get a full overview of your case. Become more efficient and simplify your work.


    Let the software connect the dots, find the links and critical evidence for you. Speed up your work by utilizing computing power.

    One Report

    When the investigation is concluded, one single report can be produced with all the findings and important notes related to the case.


    View and search through all data in chronological order. Get a full overview of when activities happened.

    Open API

    With our API you can connect to existing infrastructure with 3rd party tools for full utilization.

    Compare and Contrast

    Let the software find and present various discrepancies and duplications in your case.