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Digital Forensic Services

Data Extraction & Recovery Services
Providing Forensic and Data Recovery Services to Law Enforcement,
Corporate, Legal, and Military clients from around the world.

Teel Technologies Canada is a full spectrum digital forensics lab with offices in Victoria, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario, in addition, we have technicians across Canada. Our investigators are all former Law Enforcement with many years of experience and expertise in Digital Forensics.

With the increasing use of digital devices in every aspect of our daily lives, the demand for digital forensic services is growing exponentially. Our team of industry professionals coupled with our state-of-the-art labs make us a great solution for agencies that do not have in-house capabilities or are simply overloaded with casework.

Our services include:

·         Computer Forensics

·         Mobile Forensics

·         Vehicle Infotainment Forensics

·         Image Forensics

·         Video Forensics

·         Audio Forensics

·         Drone Forensics

·         Cyber Forensics

·         Data Recovery Services

·         eDiscovery & Expert Witness Services

We provide services wherever they are needed: on the scene as required, remotely, or evidence can be securely delivered to our lab for examination. Our services involve all types of legal environments including Law Enforcement, Military, Criminal Warrants to Anton Pillar Civil type warrants. We are Canada’s leading Digital Forensics training provider and have the expertise and experience to provide the best service worldwide.

Mobile Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics deals with the seizure, triage, secured storage, preparation, acquisition, decoding of data, and reporting of digital evidence found on the device.
We are the leader in advanced techniques to acquire the user data from locked or damaged cell phones.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics includes the identification, preservation, extraction, interpretation and presentation of evidence from a large variety of digital media devices. We use state of the art software and forensic techniques to examine the digital evidence involved in your case.

 Multimedia Forensics

With the increasing use of CCTV surveillance systems, dash and body cams, and smart devices that are capturing every facet of our daily lives, the demand for multimedia forensic services is growing exponentially. Once in hand, we have the ability to conduct forensic analysis and enhancements on video, image and audio recordings to assist you with your case.

Digital Device Forensics

Digital Device Forensics include the analysis of other types of devices, such as; GPS Units, vehicle navigation systems, routers and modems, printers, televisions; and more. Devices with a hard drive or flash memory, offer a chance to discover and perform an analysis of the recovered data for your case.

Data Recovery

When traditional methods fail, you need an expert to dive deeper into the data. Our Data Recovery experts are here assist you. Most forensic tools acquire and interpret data/evidence from mobile devices in known locations, but our analysts will uncover important data often overlooked by other tools.

Cyber Forensics

Cyber Crime involves any criminal act dealing with computers and networks. Crimes committed via the internet, such as; hate crimes, bullying, fraud, identity theft, and larceny, are included in this category. Our years of experience and wealth, of knowledge, can help in cases involving Cyber Crimes.

eDiscovery & Expert Witness Services

Electronic Discovery is now present in all types of litigation and arbitration matters. Starting at the planning stages through execution and finishing with the review and management of the acquired data, our experienced team can assist you throughout the entire eDiscovery process.

Many companies and legal firms are using an “eDiscovery Neutral”, a neutral party that serves as a mediator. eDiscovery disputes can be stressful and expensive as many parties are looking to find a means for resolving their issues out of court. Using Teel Tech Canada as your eNeutral makes the eDiscovery process efficient, cost effective and can help settle issues without the time and expense involved in litigating the disputes in court.

What We Do

Teel Technologies Canada is the leader in computer forensics; mobile phone forensics; and other types of digital device forensics that may challenge you. Services are provided on scene as required; remotely if possible; or can be securely delivered to our lab for examination. We have provided forensic examinations to various Law Enforcement; Military; Government and Private Sector entities worldwide. Our services involve all types of legal environments including Law Enforcement/Military Criminal Warrants to Anton Pillar Civil type warrants. We are the source for Law Enforcement; Military; Government and Private Sector entities to be trained up in areas of computer; digital media; and mobile phone forensics and we use these same skill sets; expertise and experience to provide you with the best service Worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: Teel Tech Canada cannot partake in Criminal Defense cases.

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