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The Real Threat of Cyber Crime

Digital technology isn’t going anywhere, and unfortunately, neither is cyber crime. Along with significantly impacting the local and global economies, cyber crime potentially threatens your company’s future by resulting in the loss of intellectual property, tarnishing your brand’s reputation, and sending current customers straight to your competitors because they have lost trust in you.

Whether it be hacking, identity theft, or malicious software, cybercrime is amongst the biggest threats to your business. Another valid concern is insider threats, whether it be from employees, contractors or partners. It is no wonder that leading companies worldwide, in virtually every industry, are increasing the amount of funds they allocate toward information security to better defend against and respond to Internet-based threats.

Red Team vs. Blue Team

In cyber security, there is a Red Team and a Blue Team. These terms, taken from military jargon, provide a way to look at the sets of quality strategies we provide you.

Red Team Services

The Red Team identifies any vulnerabilities in the PPT (People, Process and Technology) defense system, using real world attack simulations, to both identify and help your organization improve its own defensive and containment capabilities.

Blue Team Services

The Blue Teams mandate is to design defensive measures against Red Team activities. Our Cyber Security division can perform analyses of access log data, data flow, traffic flow, and strategic threat intelligence, incident response, and system hardening.

Security Engineering Services

Count on us to engineer the solutions necessary to strengthen your network elements, defending your company against cyber-attacks by internal users. The best way to significantly reduce internal vulnerability is to build a secure architecture with defensive controls and monitoring abilities. What this looks like for your organization depends on several factors, including your system and the surrounding environment.

Thus, we custom fit our engineering services to your organization’s needs, rather than providing a one-size-fits-all approach. This comprehensive method includes architectural, physical and electronic dimensions to mitigate risks across a vast range of information security technology. Rest assured we always adhere to industry-specific security standards when you partner with us.

robot and shield security

Advanced information system security measures that we provide are:

  • Custom Firewall and VPN Development
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • System Hardening (servers and clients)
  • Protection Against DDoS Attacks
  • HTTPS, SSL, and TLS encryption

Information Assurance

We strengthen your IT security levels to provide your company with superior protection against not only cyber hackers but also careless and malicious insider threats. Teel Technologies’ multi-layer approach gives you control over valuable data held within your systems, devices, and software to provide a strong defense against unwanted attackers.

Information security policies are integral given that they govern how your data is protected. Our trained specialists can review your existing security policies to ensure they meet relevant regulations and also conduct a gap analysis. We can then assist you in creating additional policies that are part of an effective security strategy that meets your business and security objectives for the eradication of cyber-attacks. We only move forward with implementing said policies with your executive management’s approval.

Expect a tailored solution for your needs when you use any of our dependable security services. Our professional information assurance services include:

  • Cyber Security Policy Creation and Implementation
  • Review of Existing Security Policy (author, ownership, and regulations)
  • Log Analysis

How We Can Help You

Thankfully, you don’t have to fight cybercrime alone. At Teel Technologies Canada, we provide unmatchable cyber security products and services to protect your computers, networks, software, and data.

Rather than pushing out a single turnkey solution to every client, we instead construct personalized, comprehensive security solutions that meet your organization’s unique needs, using experts and dependable products from reputable manufacturers. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, we are here to help you.

Your business can put up a strong defense against this real threat by using quality detection and response strategies from a skilled and experienced security service provider, such as Teel Technologies.

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We offer innovative security engineeringsecurity auditinformation assurance, and incident response services. We provide the industry-specific security solutions you require, given that the risks and threats often vary from one business sector to another and between organizations.

Teel Technologies provides enterprise-grade cyber security services to virtually any group or business, including healthcare, law enforcement, government agencies, political organizations, financial institutions, tech firms, SoHo businesses, educational institutions, retail companies, law firms, celebrities, and multimedia developers.

Contact Us today to discuss your needs and options to stay ahead in your industry.

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