Security Audit Services (Red Team)

There may be hidden vulnerabilities in your network or another part of your system. Therefore, we provide a range of security testing services to analyze the full attack surface. This involves thorough network, physical, and wireless assessments using the latest security testing tools. For companies seeking audits and penetration tests, rely on our experienced team.

We create a threat profile for you; this involves pinpointing which actors and threats pose the most risk to your organization. We then determine which security products and services will best deter the attacks, as well as integrating audit tools to alert if a breach happens. Teel Technologies provides multiple layers of testing and analysis to protect and secure your confidential data, assets, stakeholders, and employees against cyber criminals.

Our specific services include:

Network Penetration Testing

We simulate a cyber-security attack to detect rogue access points and other security vulnerabilities that hackers might otherwise find, thus further protecting your business.

Social Engineering and Phishing

Gain protection from social engineering and phishing attacks that threaten to compromise your sensitive data, using blocking techniques and other thoughtful strategies.

Physical Penetration Testing

This part of data and system security is overlooked, but we understand its importance, providing recommendations for how best to prevent malicious attackers from gaining physical entry to your facilities.

Hardware Security Audits

We conduct audits on your computer hardware and critical devices, using specific measurement tools and in-depth knowledge of analog signals to uncover application layer threats that require better security.

Cybersecurity Posture Assessments

Strengthen your company’s defensive posture through our systematic, repeatable assessments. Find out which issues need addressing and which ones to prioritize first.

Web Application Assessments

From automated scanning to missing parts of applications, our thorough web application assessment security testing is necessary to fully comprehend your organization’s vulnerabilities and seek the eradication of cyber-attacks.

Wireless and RF

Improve the security of RF (radio frequency) wireless technology to keep unauthorized attackers from accessing data on your wireless networks.

Inside Attacker (Evil Employee Assessment)

Find out the potential access points for a malicious attack on a system or network in your organization by someone who has authorized access to it, giving you insights to better secure your environment.

For more information about our Red Team services, please Contact Us to speak with us about our customized cyber security solutions.

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