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 In this NEW ACELab PC-3000 Flash Forensic Expert Online Training course, you’ll solve live cases under the supervision of the instructor remotely. This interactive training offers students the opportunity to ask questions and get help, just like in an in-person classroom setting. 

This online class is limited to 3 students, ensuring students receive the necessary individual attention needed to master the subject matter.

By joining the virtual class, you’ll become a PC-3000 certified expert in forensic FLASH data recovery.

Course Curriculum

1. External Inspection of the Drive

2. Determining the Type of the Problem
• Logical and Physical Damages

3. Diagnostics of Logical Damages

4. Getting Access to Data in Case of Logical Corruption

5. Features of Unboxing the Drive Case
• Different Drive Structures

6. Types of Storage Devices Depending on the Hardware Platform
• Drives with PCB
• Monoliths
• EMMC Chips

7. Structure of Drives with PCB
• External Examination and Diagnostics of a Drive with a PCB
• Determining the Memory Chip Type
• Features of Different Memory Chips Dismantling

8. Methods for Monolith Grinding
• Overview of Adapters for Working with Monoliths
• Technique for Monolith Soldering
• Using the Spider Board to Work with a Monolith

9. Ways to Work with EMMC
• Overview of Adapters for working with EMMC
• Correctly creating a task for Working with EMMC

10. Memory Chip Dump Reading

11. Flash Storage Controllers
• Finding Out Controller Information and Features

12. Emulation of Controller Operation
• Brief Description of Controller Conversions

13. How to Work with a Dump
• The ‘Inserts’ Part
•  The ‘ECC’ Part
• The ‘XOR’ Part
• The ‘Interleave’ Part
• The ‘Additional transformations’ Part

14. Image Building
• Translators
• Block Numbers
• Extensions (Translators and Block

15. Methods Based on Data Analysis

16. Global Solution Center

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