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 In this NEW ACELab PC-3000 HDD Forensic Expert Online Training course, you’ll solve live cases under the supervision of the instructor remotely. This interactive training offers students the opportunity to ask questions and get help, just like in an in-person classroom setting. 

This online class is limited to 3 students, ensuring students receive the necessary individual attention needed to master the subject matter.

By joining the virtual class, you’ll become a PC-3000 certified expert in forensic HDD data recovery.

Day 1 – HDD Recovery: Main Points

  • Different HDD types;
  • Initial disk diagnostics;
  • Connecting the drive to the PC-3000;
  • HDD physical structure;
  • Registers meaning and combinations;
  • Autodetection and manual detection;
  • Microprogram structure;
  • HDD Initialization process;
  • Easy mode.

Day 2 – Western Digital drives

  • Starting utility log;
  • About a backup;
  • Service Area;
  • Heads test;
  • Heads map changing in RAM;
  • SA modules fixing;
  • Slow Responding problem;
  • WD USB drives;
  • WD SMR drives.

Day 3 – Seagate drives

  • Techno mode unlocking;
  • Backup;
  • Service Area;
  • SA checking;
  • Heads test;
  • No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags issue;
  • Media Cache.

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