PC-3000 Monolith Data Recovery Expert Training

by ACELabs
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Monolith training lasts one day and includes both theoretical and practical parts. The theory covers monolith structure, its internal components and main principles of accessing the NAND chip core. Besides, the monolith recovery process will be reproduced with a detailed description of each step.

The practice follows the theory including full cycle of monolith preparation (using a microSD card as an example), its clean-up, examination and further recovery. After these tasks, all the trainees will be supposed to recover data from a monolith using the knowledge received at this course.

What you’ll Learn:

  • Hands-on experience in data recovery from Monolith flash devices
  • Official ACE Lab Data Recovery certification

Course Curriculum

  • The overview of different types of monolith drives based on NAND Flash memory and their features and challenges.
  • Diagnostic contacts, exit holes, traces, implementation details, and sizes.
  • The overview of tools and methods of stripping of the ceramic layer of monolith drive.
  • Monolith database, conditions of access, and searching for pinout.
  • The functions and possibilities of the PC-3000 Flash Spider Board adapter – a universal adapter for working with monolith chips.
  • Features of working with the Spider Board adapter.
  • Features of installation of the monolith on the Spider Board adapter.
  • Correct installation of the Spider Board adapter needles on the monolith chip.
  • Reading of memory chip dump – features and possible problems and their solutions.
  • Data recovery with the help of PC-3000 Flash.
  • During this seminar, the student will pass all steps which are required for getting helpful knowledge about stripping of monolith ceramic layer, installation on adapter and reading data from monolith chips.

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