PC-3000 RAID Data Recovery Advanced Training

by ACELabs
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No need to be a hex-guru to successfully recover data from RAID using our technologies. You will get first-hand knowledge from DE & DE RAID developers. The course will provide you with all the essential knowledge on RAID arrays and their functioning principles, as well as the newest data storage systems. The training course starts with the basics and covers advanced features, so both novices and professionals will discover something new. You will see which methods and procedures are best for successful data recovery.

How ACE Lab RAID training hones your skills:

Deep knowledge, efficient methods and practical experience for successful data recovery from RAID
Insight into a variety of topics besides RAID: file system specifics, virtual machines, encrypted partitions, modern data storage systems, etc.
Up to 30 practice cases to study and solve
New RAID technologies and tricks to recover data from RAID without tedious hex-editors

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Overview of data recovery from RAIDs and the main methods used

Automatic and interactive methods of configuration detection as well as raw recovery mode.

Data recovery from complicated cases and cases with outdated data.

Data recovery from virtual disks, encrypted data storage, WSS, ZFS and BtrFS.

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