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Teel Tech Chip-Off Starter Kit

Get our complete line of Chip-Readers, Adapters, and Tools for Chip-off Forensics all in one place.

Our Chip-Off Starter Kit is the only way to go if you’re looking for all of the basic tools you’ll need for Chip-Off forensics. This starter kit features many essential components, all bundled to help you save money.  We provide a variety of UP-828P adapters that are suited for a variety of smartphones and tablets, and are the exclusive distributor of UP+UP Chip Programmers in North America.

Below you’ll find an itemized list of the components included in our Teel Tech Chip-Off Starter Kit. If you have any questions about this kit, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

TeelTech Chip-Off Starter Kit
Product Code: AP-CHPSTRT4-TEEL

TeelTech Chip-Off Starter Kit + JBC Soldering Station
Product Code: Part#: AP-CHPSTRT4+JBC-TEE

Our Teel Tech Starter Kit includes:

UP-828P High Speed Programmer

UP-828 High Speed Programmer

This high speed UP-828P universal programmer allows forensic examiners to gather data from a large variety of flash memory. With a long list of supported adapters, the UP-828P can be used with a wide range of device memory chips.

UP-828P Adapters

UP-828P Adapters

Teel Technologies is the exclusive supplier of UP+UP Chip Equipment in all of North America.This kit includes VBGA186P, VBGA221P, VBGA529P, and SBGA152P adapters. Please note: These are subject to change due to current popular phones and/or new adapters.

SD Chip Reader Kit

SD Chip Reader Kit

Our SD Chip Reader and Adapters are a cost effective and easy to use. This kit includes 5 eMMC and 4 eMCP Adpaters from today’s most popular smartphones, enabling examiners to get the most complete read of the chip.

Chip-off and JTAG Workbench Gear

Chip-off and JTAg Workbench and Gear

The Teel Tech Workbench Gear Complete Kit is one of the most comprehensive  tool sets for preparing mobile devices for the Jtag and Chip-Off processes.  This includes; rework station , stereo microscope, solder tips, iPhone opening kit, and much more.

T-862 3 in 1 Rework Station

T-862 IRDA Rework Station

The T-862 Rework Station offers a three in one infrared system combined with a BGA/IRDA/IFR/SMD/SMT welder. This basic rework station is easy to use, and is ideal for micro BGA elements due to a lessened impact on circumjacent small elements.

JBC Precision Soldering Station

JBC Soldering Station

The JBC Precision Soldering Station offers a variety of unique features and is perfect for electronic applications. These state of art features include intelligent hibernation, 20 customizable parameters, USB connectivity and more.