Digital forensics units throughout the world are inundated with ever-growing caseloads and increasingly massive data sets. Exterro’s FTK Lab and FTK Central help forensics labs gain control over their caseload by enabling examiners to work cases faster and more efficiently. Our Exterro partners will show how Instead of dealing with slowdowns as you wait to get the information you need to proceed with an investigation, you control everything from a central database with varying levels of user control.

Originally presented December 14th, 2022

About the Presenter Harsh Behl

Director of Product Management, Exterro

Harsh Behl is responsible for overseeing the entire product lifecycle for the AccessData legacy, now Exterro Forensic products, including the FTK® suite of products. As the air traffic controller for product releases, Harsh talks to customers and prospects in the market about their needs and pain points and has developed an in-depth knowledge of what the market is looking for from their forensic tools. Prior to joining AccessData, now Exterro, Harsh was on the front lines working as an evidence analyst and forensic investigator, forensic consultant, and technical engineer. His hands-on experience and expertise provide a unique perspective that results in products that are easy to use, intuitive and practical.