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When: September 18th, 2020 @ 9 am EST / 6 am PST

Frank Corkery – Teel Technologies Canada

Shawn Kim – Global Account Manager
Jesse Jun – Managing Director of Forensic Business

Discover how Hancom WITH can help with your digital forensic investigation

Forensic examiners need to have a varied group of tools in their toolbox. Hancom provides tools that augment the examiner’s ability to forensically extract digital data which they may not otherwise be able to extract.

In this 45 – 60 minute event, Hancom representatives Shawn Kim and Jesse Jun will discuss how HANCOM products can be used in your mobile and digital forensic investigations and provide examiners with a basic overview, as well as cover new features offered with the following products:

Mobile Forensic Software

Mobile device data extraction software for smartphones, feature phones, USIM cards, SD memory cards, JTAG, and Chip-Off.
Mobile device data analysis software for data recovery, decryption, visualization and reporting on popular mobile apps.
Software for performing live data extraction and analysis on mobile devices with support for both smartphones and feature phones.

Digital Forensic Software

Forensic software for extracting and recovering video data directly from the media storage like disk, memory card and file.
is the most intuitive digital forensic software that extracts and analyzes data from cloud data storage. It supports a broad range of cloud services.