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Photographic Documentation and Reporting of Forensic Evidence

Product Code: AP-EDEC-ECL-P
Price: $3,490.00 USD

Designed for digital forensics examiners and now crime scene investigators, Eclipse 3 is a complete evidence photography, management and reporting suite. Eclipse specializes in streamlining route documentation processes involving large amounts of photos and information. eclipseprokitThe Eclipse 3 Pro Kit allows forensic examiners to capture images and video of cell phone screens, documents, or any other type of evidence. With hands-free capture the examiner is able to search a device while documenting the process, and add notes or tags when necessary. The OCR analysis engine turns flat images into useful data by converting text messages, emails, or paper documents into searchable text. Media handling features, editing tools and a robust report builder offer capability and efficiency while maintaining chain of custody. With the new free Eclipse Reporter, the investigator can send a password protected case file to a prosecutor, who can search the case and generate a report. Eclipse reduces your workload and misses no evidence!



  • Photograph cell phone screens, documents or crime-scene evidence
  • Streamline repeated image capture processes
  • Video an examination and pull keyframes at any point
  • Convert images to text with targeted OCR Analysis engine
  • Batch rotate, crop, tag, and more.
  • Import any major format of image/video from other cameras
  • Maintain chain of custody with forensic process and hashing
  • Create beautifully designed and functional PDF, HTML, Word and Excel reports
  • Save password-protected raw case files and send to prosecutors or detectives to generate their own reports with the free Eclipse Reporter.


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    Capture in the Lab or at the Crime Scene – Analyze with OCR

    Convert images to searchable text with the new Eclipse OCR engine. Target specific areas to convert more accurately.

    Use the Free Eclipse Reporter

    Anyone can now search text, edit media and create reports with the free Eclipse Reporter. Save time and pass case files to prosecutors.

    Eclipse Pro Software

    • Canon Camera SLR Capture Engine
    • USB Camera Capture Engine
    • OCR Analysis with text targeting
    • Multiple information fields like tags, categories, and notes
    • EXIF data viewer with ability to include in reports
    • Password protected raw case file export/import (.ecp)
    • Import media from all major media formats
    • Batch rotate, crop, notes, tags
    • Four media viewing methods to maintain organization
    • Hands-free Capture w/ Foot Pedal
    • Video-to-Image Frame Extractor
    • HTML, PDF, Word, Excel Reporting with multiple formatting options
    • Free Eclipse Reporter version for 3rd party report creation


    Included Hardware

    • Canon SLR Camera Bundle with soft case
    • AC Adapter, Batteries, Polarized Filters, UV filter
    • Metal Base Plate with Podium
    • Manfrotto Camera Arm and Rail Mount
    • Manfrotto Flex Arm & Glare Shield Plate
    • Multiple Hardware Clamps
    • Hands-Free Foot Pedal
    • SKB Rugged Hard Case
    • Other Various Accessories…

    License, Support & Warranty

    • 1 Year Software Updates
    • 1 Year Warranty & Support