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GMDSoft (formerly HANCOM WITH) is a worldwide leading research group for mobile and digital forensics dedicated to developing forensic solutions that support digital investigations. Their mobile forensic MD Series of tools has been used by hundreds of agencies worldwide since 2005.

The MD-SERIES of products are a total suite of products for data extraction and analysis from any type of mobile devices with integrated cutting-edge mobile forensic technology, and new digital forensic products for video data stored in various devices, financial transaction data from bank and documents files.

MD-SERIES’ superior capability of the data extraction enables investigators to extract the data from the special mobile devices burnt out by fire, broken by shock, drowned in water, providing the solution for each case, MD-BOX for JTAG forensics, MD-READER for Chip-of f forensics, covering full range of physical work related to extraction.

First response and the acquisition of live evidence data before the intentional deletion by phone owners are very important in the field. Even the first responder in the field, who may not be a skillful investigator, can extract the selected data easily using MD-LIVE within some minute without any change on the phone or capture the mirrored screen of the phone as an evidence.

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    GMDSoft Mobile Forensic Software


    Product Code: AP-HAN-MD-NEXT
    MD-NEXT is a forensic software application for extracting data from mobile devices.

    MD-NEXT is a forensic software application for extracting data from mobile devices.
    It supports physical and logical extraction methods for Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS and other smartphone operating systems. Chip-off flash memory with MD-READER, JTAG interface with MD-BOX, OS backup protocol, agent app and other cutting-edge extraction technology are integrated into MD-NEXT.


    Product Code: AP-HAN-MD-RED
    MD-RED is a forensic software application for the recovery, analysis and reporting of the extracted data from mobile devices.

    MD-RED is a forensic software application for the recovery, analysis and reporting of mobile data images extracted with MD-NEXT or other extraction tools. All analysis results are exported to forensic reports used for the investigation of crimes and accidents. Also, the analysis modules of the latest mobile apps are quickly updated by continuous research.


    Product Code: AP-HAN-MD-LIVE
    Mobile forensic software for on-the-spot investigation which performs live extraction and analysis on a mobile device MD-LIVE is a mobile live forensic product with a smooth user experience which can support logical extraction and quick data analysis.

    It also supports the selective acquisition from the evidence without privacy infringement, the screen capture and recording of smartphone display mirrored and forensic process recording by an external camera of the internal recording feature.

    GMDSoft Digital Forensic Software


    Product Code: AP-HAN-MD-VIDEO
    MD-VIDEO is the forensic software for extracting and recovering video data directly from the media storage like disk, memory card and file.

    It supports CCTV, Black-box and media storage and supports many kinds of new file systems and DVR vendors’ filesystems. MPEG-4, H.26

    Product Highlights

    • Recovery and analysis of video data
    • Enhanced performance of recovery speed
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Data retrival and report generation


    Product Code: AP-HAN-MD-CLOUD
    Digital forensic software for extraction and analysis of cloud account.

    MD-CLOUD is the most intuitive digital forensic software tool that extracts and analyzes data from cloud data storage. It supports a broad range of cloud services.

    Product Highlights

    • Supports various cloud services acquisition
    • Supports various authentication methods
    • Web capture feature
    • Acquisition of cloud accounts for IoT devices
    • Real-time acquisition status check

    GMDSoft Mobile Forensic Software


    Product Code: AP-HAN-MD-BOX
    Digital forensic hardware for extracting data directly from the board using JTAG interface.

    MD-BOX is the forensic hardware for extracting data directly from the mainboard using JTAG interface. When the mobile device has damage on the external parts, but the mainboard still works, the examiner can connect the mainboard to MD-BOX through JTAG interface. Then, the data can be extracted at the menu of JTAG Extraction in MD-NEXT program.

    Features Include:

    • Data extraction from the board with JTAG interface – forensic hardware for reading data directly from the main board of the mobile device using JTAG interface
    • JTAG cable support- – Supports FPCB connector cable sets, MD-Cable Suite. Supports manual connection by soldering work.
    • and much more


    Product Code: AP-HAN-MD-READ
    Digital forensic hardware for extracting data from Chip-off memory.
    MD-READER is the forensic hardware for extracting data directly from the flash memory detached from the main board of a digital device. The detached flash memory needs to be mounted into one of the memory sockets bundled with MD-READER. Then, the data extraction can be done at Chip-off menu in MD-NEXT program.

    Features Include

    • Data extraction from Chip-off flash memory – Supports data extraction from the flash memory of mobile phones or digital device heavily damaged by fire, water, or external shock.
    • Supports 10 types of eMMC/eMCP memory sockets
    • eMCP memory sockets (5 Types)
    • and more