Mouse Jiggler Kit

The perfect tool for keeping your mobile device unlocked during seizure & transportation.
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Product Code: AP-TTC-MJ-KIT

Works on Computers as a standalone without the OTG Cables.

With many newer computer hard drives using full-disk encryption, screen savers and sleep modes can greatly increase the time and cost of a forensic investigation. Our Mouse Jiggler kit prevents password dialog boxes from appearing, saving digital forensic investigators time and money.

Now for use with Mobile Devices

Traditionally used to override sleep mode settings on PC’s, our NEW Mouse Jiggler Kit applies that same functionality to mobile devices. Once attached to an unlocked device, the Mouse jiggler kit will override sleep mode and lock screen settings, giving Mobile Forensic Investigators a window to safely transport, and retrieve, the critical data needed to help in their investigation.

 Kit contents include:

  • CRU Mouse Jiggler
  • iPhone OTG Cable
  • Micro SD OTG Cable
  • Type C OTG Cable.

Please note: The mouse jiggler kit does NOT provide power to the mobile device. It will only function while the device has charge.

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